Lost Girl

SyFy’s latest international acquisition (if you consider Canada international) is Lost Girl, a popular Canadian series about a girl who has lived her life on the run because of her…condition. When she sleeps with someone they die. When she runs into others with unique abilities of their own, she learns that she is not human. She is a succubus and there is a complex world of Dark and Light “fae.”

The show has a few unique aspects to it that make it particularly interesting:

First and foremost, Bo, the main character, is bisexual. Considering how rare this is on television, especially in America, this makes for a particularly unique story. There are only two such characters I can think of offhand who are not simply gay or experimenting (Captain Jack Harkness of the recently imported Torchwood and Max of Make It or Break It).

Secondly, the world of the fae is interesting because although the two sides are Light fae and Dark fae, Bo is aligned to neither side and despite these the seemingly obvious division of good and bad, it is quickly clear that things are not divided so simply as that.

Finally, a succubus is not a common fantasy character on TV. The only other fleshed out succubus character I can think of offhand is Andie Bates on The Gates, who was only just beginning to discover her abilities. More often, a succubus is the bad guy in a single episode of a series.

The acting is probably not the best acting I’ve seen, but the story lines make up for this.


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