Against the Wall

Lifetime’s newest foray into scripted television comes in the form of cop procedural series Against the Wall. Abby Kowalski comes from a family of cops, but when she passes her detectives’ exam, the only opening is in Internal Affairs. As someone determined to forge a career in homicide, Abby takes the opening (she needs two years before she can move into homicide), despite the fact that IA is hated by cops and will not be well received by he family.

Sure enough, her father stops talking to her and her bothers shut her out. Her mother tries to be supportive but it is difficult in a hostile home. Abby meanwhile has little social life and a lot of quirks (she is particularly clumsy and her only foray into a relationship is a secret affair with her brother’s partner that is nothing more than late night sex).

Though there is potential for exploration into a sector of the police that is often ignored and greatly disliked despite their necessity, all we see is some hostility. Perhaps going deeper into the idea that “we protect our own” would help matters. The show is the same as any cop show, though it lacks the complex characters to really back that up. (Abby at least is about as complex as a spoon.) It also doesn’t help that she has so many brothers it is hard to keep anyone straight. There are hints that her father had a run in with IA, which could be an interesting story to explore. The characters could use more fleshing out, the plots a bit more surprising. Overall, it is a fun hour, but it will not be topping any must see lists any time soon.


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