Web Therapy

Web therapy is about self-obsessed therapist Fiona Wallice who has created a new form of therapy–video chatting for three minutes. She hopes this will encourage her patients to get to the point quickly and allow her to treat more patients and thus earn more money.

I wasn’t sure what I would be getting with this show. Honestly, I had tried out the web series and found myself not thrilled. It’s not that it was bad, per se, it just didn’t have quite enough depth for me. It felt like it sacrificed story for laughs. When they announced that it was coming to Showtime, I had hopes that maybe they fleshed out the stories and went beyond the literal therapy sessions. I do love Lisa Kudrow after all.

What I found was a show that just felt like the web series strung together with a couple added scenes. There wasn’t enough depth to Fiona’s character (and too little screen time for anyone else to get to know them either).

After watching the first half hour episode, I knew I would not be watching any more. It is exciting to see web shows being given real consideration and being brought to primetime, but unfortunately, this one does not do it for me.


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