The Glee Project: Episode 8

This week’s theme is believability and the song it “True Colors.” They are singing the entire song this time instead of only a piece of it.

Damian is sad without Cameron. It feels more like a competition now. Samuel is feeling good about himself since he has never been in the bottom.

The guest judge is: Jenna Ushkowitz aka Tina. (Does this mean they’re stepping up the guest stars as the show continues? Puck was a pretty big guest.) Tina tells them to pull from their real life to create a character. Though they are all singing the full songs, we see bits of each person’s songs. (The song doesn’t particularly suit Damien or Samuel but that isn’t really their faults.)

Jenna thinks Alex’s voice is captivating. Damian was sweet and dreamy. Samuel was awesome and intense. Lindsay is a wonderful actress with a sweet rendition. Hannah was joyous. (Lindsay thinks Samuel has one look.) Jenna decides that Hannah is the winner.

This week’s song is Paramour’s “The Only Exception.” The theme is about liking someone who doesn’t see them. There will be no choreography. It is all about acting. Alex is sad about that but Hannah is thrilled.

Vocals with Nikki-
With Nikki’s pushing Hannah gets to an emotional place. Damian pushes too hard. Samuel needs more confidence. Alex draws on the death of his father and Nikki comes up to give him a hug which is sweet. (She’s never felt his performance the way she has this time.) Lindsay gets teary as well and tries to pretend she is fine (she is thinking about home and Nikki thinks she is forcing it). Nikki feels that Lindsay forces it.

Hannah is longer for Alex who is longing for Damian who is longing for Lindsay who is longing for Samuel who is longing for Hannah. So it all comes full circle. I like Hannah’s hair a lot here. She sees Damian just past Alex and gets distracted by him. Alex looks more depressed than in love. Damian is nervous and it comes across in his eyebrows. Lindsay’s performance isn’t coming across the way they want it to. Samuel has to be vulnerable for the first time but he comes across as too confident.

I can’t help but wonder why they waited so long to test acting ability. And what about non-musical acting? Being able to speak a line isn’t the same as being able to sing one. What if they can do music videos but can’t pull off regular scenes?

Nikki instead of Zach is helping with the decision of who is safe and who is in danger. Hannah thrived in the homework challenge but seemed distracted in the shoot. Damian did a great job in the shoot despite his lack of acting experience. Lindsay is a great actress but she didn’t emote the way the others did and Nikki was frustrated with her in the studio because she expected to have a breakdown (because she saw someone else have a real moment). Samuel didn’t show the romance, vulnerability, and longing. Alex took a while to warm up because he connected to a very deep place that wasn’t quite so connected with the song until he was given some notes. He found himself safe after receiving some notes. In the bottom is Lindsay, Hannah, and Samuel. (Yay Damian is safe! After continuously finding himself in the bottom!)

Hannah– “Back to December”
Loves the song. Hannah feels like the underdog but she’s more competitive than usual. Listening to her performance, I feel like she sounded fine, but it wasn’t a recording I would ever want to buy and listen to on my iPod. Ryan thinks Hannah is up against two better singers but she is the type of person that people want to see win. She needs to be more confident.

Lindsay– “Maybe This Time”
Doesn’t know the song. She thinks she is going up against strong personalities which will be tough. the admitted best voice of the competition and perhaps one of the best actresses despite a poor showing this week. I can’t imagine why they thought this was the song to give her, but she gets very into it which elicits laughs. She is in the Lea Michele mode but she doesn’t get him to root for her because he isn’t sure she is an underdog. She says she is afraid to show weakness and talks about being adopted and having a hard time fitting into her family.

Samuel– “Animal”
Ready to rock. Samuel is surprised to find the song is harder than usual. Samuel tends to get too aggressive. This isn’t his best vocal, but he gets very into it. I’m not sure he is an underdog either–he seems to self-assured. Ryan finds him the most unrelate-able of the bottom three. He might be too slick for the show. He wants something more emotional. Samuel mentions his religion, which Ryan immediately jumps on.

None of them feel very confident and though the other judges aren’t sure who to get rid of, Ryan Murphy is pretty confident.

The callback list is up. And the person going home is:


I honestly thought it would be Lindsay or Samuel at this point. This is the second time the homework winner has been the one to go home.


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