So You Think You Can Dance: Top 6 Results

Time to find out who our Top 4 dancers will be. But first we start the show off with the Top 6 dancing around an enormous flower. The lighting and costume colors were pretty cool though the flower was a little silly. Poor Caitlynn and Tadd were hidden in the back for much of the beginning of it. There is a weird sort of couples dancing thing going on in it that is both interesting and strange. And then the flower floated away and I have no idea what to do with that. But good choreography Justin Giles.

Christina Applegate is not around for the results show (for some reason most guest judges aren’t interested). Cat does give Nigel a nice intro for once. The judges are finally not partaking in the judging. The bottom two will leave the competition (because revealing the bottom four would reveal the top two which might ruin the surprise for next week).

Sasha is up first for another attitude-filled solo routine. This one felt a bit rushed but still interesting. The judges give it a standing ovation.

Caitlynn comes up next with a much less impressive solo. The judges give this another standing o and I am beginning to see a pattern.

Melanie has the last girls’ solo of the night in a better solo outfit that we often see from her. She basically obliterated Caitlynn’s solo with a much more emotional one.

Before we get some results and the final solos, we get some videos of (Inter)National Dance Day.

Tadd‘s solo is as silly as ever though there seemed to be a bit more power (and more adoring audience members). But no standing ovation from the judges?

Marko must really be feeling James Morrison since both his solos this week were to his songs. Marko has a surprising amount of cartwheels and flips for a contemporary dancer.

Ricky‘s final solo was one of his best and it is unfortunate he didn’t pull it out yesterday.

Lauren Froderman and Kent Boyd dance their prom dance from last season which reminds me how much chemistry they both had (something that not many contestants this season could manage even though they were tremendous talents). Unlike the boys’ solos, this does earn another standing ovation. The two are so cute together.

Lauren, Robert, Mark, and Joshua (season 4 winner) will be the all stars for next week. Now that we know that, let us here some results. Girls first: Melanie is sent through right away. We move to the guys, who come out doing a silly conga line: Marko is immediately sent through with Melanie.

We get a performance from the Bad Boys of Dance who put on a highly impressive ballet routine that could really draw in younger people who have a hard time enjoying the classic ballet.

Sasha and Caitlynn are called back up for the last of the girls’ results. Nigel gets a moment to put a word in and he says he loves them both but Caitlynn performs more from her head while Melanie dances from her heart and Sasha dances from her soul. All three are incredible and ultimately dance wins. As expected Sasha joins Melanie and Marko while Caitlynn goes “home,” despite her stellar week.

Pia Toscano performs her new single “This Time.” I sort of missed her ballgown dresses. It was weird to see her walking and talking and wearing pants. (And a bad tan.) Wasn’t this what got her kicked off American Idol? Where is the ballad? Shouldn’t that have been her first single and then spread out from there once you got people intrigued?

Time for the guys’ results which Tadd once again leads out with silliness. This is why he is so much more fun than everyone else. Not surprisingly, Tadd is through and Ricky is done.

What do you think of the results? Did America make the right choice?


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