The Glee Project: Episode 7

This week’s theme: Sexuality. The song is “Like a Virgin.” Hannah considers herself a koala bear and thinks she can’t be sexy. She’s a little interested in Damian too, which makes her a little uncomfortable. Cameron is not comfortable with the theme. The guest judges are Puck (Mark Salling) and Zizes (Ashley Fink), which makes Hannah excited. Cameron seems to have embraced his onscreen romance with Lindsay this week—no more crying to mommy? Ashley Fink seemed more into it than Mark Salling. She saw Samuel’s equal opportunity sexiness. Hannah owned who she is, which impressed Mark Salling. (She watched him more than anything.) Salling likes Alex’s voice (he was reminded of a slightly more fabulous Cee-lo). They confer and agree that Samuel is the winner. Lindsay is obviously unhappy with this.

This week’s music video is “Teenage Dream,” during which they will be paired up again. Alex and Samuel (garage band), Damian and Lindsay (jock and cheerleader), and Cameron and Hannah (flirty food fight).

Damian struggles with taking control and being comfortable to dance. Brooke warns them to keep an eye out for opportunities where they can take it a step further. Samuel is worried about pretending to be gay because he too is Christian and worries that his mother won’t improve. Damian thinks there may be kissing involved.

The vocals are different this time around, because they are going to sing the entire thing instead of a few lines. Samuel is a hit while Alex struggles. Hannah can’t reach the notes. Damian impresses. Lindsay struggles, surprisingly. Cameron gets it right away.

During Samuel and Alex’s session with Zizes and Puck, they discuss how trying to be sexy makes you not. Alex ends up being flamboyantly over the top during his video. Samuel is committed. Damian needs more instruction than everyone else. Lindsay overpowers him in the session. They think Lindsay has proved she can act. (Brooke mentions Lindsay’s lack of versatility and musical theater feature, which surprises the others). Lindsay kisses Damian at the end of the scene, which makes everyone else a little worried (and Hannah jealous since she has a crush on Damian). Cameron is asked to kiss Hannah and says he doesn’t feel comfortable with it.

Because everyone did a good job, they decide to choose a Top 3, which is Hannah, Samuel, and Lindsay. Cameron had fewer levels than everyone else and refused to kiss Hannah, which he says he is glad about. He is in the bottom. Alex was over the top and is also in the bottom. Damian was overpowered and in the bottom (Lindsay actually seems genuinely surprised by this.) Damian was a tough choice because they think he really stepped up this week and it came down to splitting hairs.

The bottom is given songs that their character might sing as an audition for the New Directions.

Damian- “Danny Boy”
He sings this in a very heartfelt way that makes me like him more than before (he was sweet but not particularly interesting beyond the accent). Ryan Murphy doesn’t think it as his best or most helpful performance. He didn’t feel it. They think he has shown a lot of growth but isn’t great at faking it. (Ryan Murphy mentions the graduating characters, which is a bit of a controversial topic at the moment.)

Alex- “I Will Survive”
(It is tough that Alex got in trouble for being flamboyant because that is what they keep giving him.) The song is a pretty solid fit for him. He drives me crazy and I’m not sure where he would fit into the show (transgender or cross-dresser?). Ryan Murphy wants to see Alex be something other than a diva.

Cameron- “Blackbird”
They think he is the furthest behind. They wonder if maybe he is a singer, not an actor-singer. The song is pretty dead on for his comfort zone but it feels a bit rushed. (Might not be his fault, can’t tell.) Ryan Murphy is interested in having a faith-based character but he is concerned with this element. What he would he do if his character is required to kiss someone, such as Lea Michele? Cameron doesn’t seem to know how to answer this. He basically says he doesn’t think it is fair for him to continue when he won’t do things the others will. He thinks maybe this isn’t for him, but Ryan Murphy isn’t willing to give up on him yet.

Cameron has just asked to go home but Murphy thinks he is just confused. Ryan Murphy decides to go backstage to talk to him. He is in. He is staying, if he wants to. Murphy tells him to think about himself and what he wants. Cameron says he has been thinking about it and he thinks he is ready to go. Ryan Murphy tells him he just saved Damian and that there was definitely a place for him on the show. He probably would have gone to the finals.

The list goes up but backstage Cameron tells them he will be leaving. The others are in shock. Hannah and Lindsay start crying. Cameron is proud of himself.


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