Platinum Hit: Episode 9

After a couple of weeks of surprising eliminations, things are winding down. Nick wants Jes to go. Scotty wants to win so he can have the most wins. This week’s guest judge is Perez Hilton. The hook challenge is to write a pure pop song. (Nick likes to pretend he writes pop.) Sonyae thinks she and Scotty are each others’ biggest competitions because their skills complement each other.

Jes– “So See Through” (about being judges), not as fun as expected
Scotty– “DJ Have My Babies” melody could be a hit
Sonyae– “Exit” (about guys doing something wrong) has attitude and personality but lacks melody
Nick– “Boom Boom Boom” Hanson or Jonas appropriate but what is it about

How did they do?
4- Nick, lyrics didn’t make sense
3- Jes, unmemorable
2- Sonyae
1- Scotty

For the first time, the songwriters will be writing alone. The judge will be…high school cheerleaders.

The writers are hard at work when Kara shows up to check in. To Scotty she tells him to think about a bunch of stuff regarding his song, which makes him second guess it. For Nick, Kara tells him strengthen the hook. Sonyae has a strong concept but she struggles with the melody. Jes has good melodies but is hit or miss with the lyrics. Kara leaves everyone a bit terrified and fervently rewriting.

Performance time. They go to a high school full of students. Taio Cruz is also there for judging, in addition to the high schoolers.

Nick- “My Mistake”
The response to this seems pretty good. A group of kids get up to dance in the middle.

Jes- “See Through”
Nick is not pleased to find that people are enjoying. Kara on the otherhand seems to be quite happy.

Sonyae- “Exit”
There is less clapping along but the kids seem to enjoy it too. They get into the “pointing to the exit” part and even Kara gets into it.

Scotty- “World’s Last Spin”
The clapping and dancing is pretty quick and the dancing seems to include just about the entire room.

The kids vote and then it is time to face the judges.

  • The kids voted for Sonyae as the best song and the judges agree. Sonyae is the winner, with a catch-phrase.
  • Scotty‘s lyrics are sad but the melody is uplifting, which can corner him.
  • Nick has written his best lyrics yet. It feels honest. The melodies weren’t strong enough though.
  • Jes still needs to tighten up her chorus. Hers sounded the most radio-like. Her song was young, which has been a general problem.

Scotty is quickly sent through to join Sonyae. Only one writer can move forward, will it be Nick or Jes? Jes is safe and will advance to the finale because of the strength of her melody. Nick is surprisingly gracious about his departure.

While I’ve hated Nick for most of this competition, I am shocked that Jes is still around. Do you think the judges made the right decision?


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