SYTYCD: Top 8 Results

We open with a circus themed performance by our top eight here Jess looks a bit terrifying but otherwise I have little to complain about . The style particularly suits Sasha. It is definitely one of the better group numbers, choreographed by Tyce. (Maybe he’s just better with group numbers?) It sort of reminded me of Mia’s Alison Wonderland routine.

Sadly, eliminations will still be done by gender so the bottom two guys and bottom two girls will perform and one of each will go home.

The four girls are up first to get their results as a group. The two girls who are safe are…going to be announced after the break. The top two girls after the biggest vote of the season are Sasha and Melanie, as expected.

The four remaining guys come up next and here is where things are a bit trickier. Marko is obviously safe but I am less sure of the others. Tadd seems most likely but that might just be my hopes. Marko is quickly sent to safety and Jess finds himself in danger. Surprisingly, it is Ricky who is safe and Tadd is in the bottom. (Anyone else think it is Jess going home?)

But before the solos, let’s watch some awesome LXD (Legion of Extraordinary Dancers). This crew seems to get bigger every time I see it and it only seems to have a fewq of the same people from one performance to the next. That being said, it is always awesome. (Christopher Scott is one of the choreographers.)

It is not surprising at all that Jordan chooses to dance her solo to S&M which is carefully edited to be appropriate for the Fox audience.

Jess‘s solo is Broadway appropriate but and his spinning is even impressive but it wasn’t anything new from him.

Caitlynn shows good technique but I’m not sure she has convinced me. Especially since the judges seem to love Jordan.

Finally it’s Tadd who continues with an impressive bit of strength and entertainment but not enough actual content for me. I know he’s a b-boy and that’s how they work but I wanted more dancing. The judges seem to like it enough to give it a standing ovation.

Lady Gaga performs “The Edge of Glory” and “You and I.” We have already watched “The Edge of Glory” performed on Fox during American Idol but I’m pretty sure they have at least changed the costume and dance this time around. However, the sound is a little off and it can’t possibly be “live” since that was a lot of equipment to manage so quickly. She continues rocking the blue hair but otherwise nothing so shocking about her clothes. Even her shoes aren’t that high. I wonder if she will ever get tired of being wild and just want to be pretty one day. Not even permanently, I just think that one awards show it would be shocking if she just showed up as a well dressed, normal-haired woman. I’m not sure people would even recognize her.

The judges were not originally unanimous about the decision but now it is time to look towards the winner. They are picking the potential winner not just the greatest talent. A fabulous dancer will be going home.

Both girls had disappointing solos. Going with America’s votes, Jordan will be going home this week

Tadd is so unique that they cannot let him go so Jess will be joining Jordan and leaving the show.


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