Platinum Hit: Episode 8

As Nick gloats about Johnny’s departure, Jes is upset because though she didn’t know him before the competition, having him around felt like having a piece of home.

Kiss the Flame. That is the letter the contestants find waiting for them just before Jewel arrives to tell them about their challenge. But first, the guest judge, the editor in chief of Spin magazine, Doug Brod. Kiss the Flame is a song of Jewel’s about running towards danger instead of away from it. So the hook challenge is to write a song about empowerment. Like Queen’s “We Are The Champions.” Oh, and they must incorporate the words “kiss the flame.”

Scotty is gay so coming out is empowering. Jess feels like she isn’t taken seriously because she is a girl. Nick thinks today’s empowerment songs are all about women being pissed off. Sonyae has been physically and verbally abused so she intends the song as advice to others in a similar situation. Brian’s mother died of breast cancer and he wants to write about getting over it.

Scotty– “Reign Over Me” clever but potentially confusing
Jes– “Underestimate Me” powerful lyric
Nick– “Kiss the Flame” great grasp on melody
Brian– “The Last Candle” tweak the cliche
Sonyae– “Tomorrow’s Too Late” great job

Top Two:
2- Scotty (interesting concept and intriguing creativity, make sure to get the lyrics right)
1- Brian (blew the others away, nice lyrically and emotionally)

The surprise of the week. The member of the winning team to contribute the most will be featured in Spin.

Brian picks Jes. Scotty picks Sonyae. Brian has the option of taking a third teammate or passing him over. Nick actually wants to work with him but Brian passes because he doesn’t want Nick and Jes together.

Jes and Brian have a heart to heart during their session about being drugged and assaulted. They want to aim for a “Pink” sound. They decide to have Jes sing it even though he wanted to sing it.

Scotty explains that coming out means taking control while staying in the closet means other people are dictating your life.

Team Scotty is up first with “Reign on Me” which comes out as something of a mixed up mess.

Team Brian is second with “The Last Candle” which ends up sounds liking something I would listen to.

Backstage Jes says Team Scotty’s song is a mess. Nick thinks Team Brian’s song is not current.

Cara is glad that Brian and Jes based their song on their true story. At the same time, it needed more growl.

Scotty says the writing session was difficult. Cara thought they miss-worded the chorus/song title. Scotty doesn’t think they succeeded in the song.

The superior and more empowering song is Team Scotty’s. Colbie Callait, guest judge, thought it was catchy. It sounds like each of them contributed something key to the song, making the winner a little trickier. The judges agree that the writer to play the key role in the song’s success is Nick for the melody of the chorus, which he fought for.

Meanwhile, they thought some of the lines were undeveloped and the music was too old. Jes gets emotional when told she should have made Brian help work on the lyrics. Nick goads her backstage.

Ultimately, the judges tell Jes she is save and it is Brian going home.


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