Glee Project: Episode 6

The song is Bulletproof with the theme Tenacity. Hannah is exited because she has finally found her confidence. Lindsay, who is adopted, thinks she’s got tenacity. It seems the contestants aren’t quite sure what tenacity is. The guest judge is Max Adler (Dave Kroski) who tells them how to keep fighting. Max originally only had two lines. Mid-song Max tells them to stop and says they need to surprise him by doing something they have never done before. They start over, sort of pushing each other around and jumping up and down. Max tells Damien to stay in performance. Samuel has focus. Lindsay and Marissa have amazing voices. The winner is…Marissa.

This week’s big song is a mash up of “Ice Ice Baby” and “Under Pressure.” Also, in the video they will be slushied. Most of them are excited but Alex is NOT. Samuel is upset that he didn’t won and it ruins his focus. Hannah in particular struggles in the recording session.

They are warned not to break character when slushied and Marissa and Samuel have no problem with it. Damien and Lindsay play well off each other. Hannah gets over her jitters for the slushie fest. Alex meanwhile seems a little out of it though he thinks he’s all in. Cameron barely gets sprayed when he starts having difficulty. They are worried about being unable to slide for their dance because the ground is sticky but they seem all right.

For the first time, the decision was not unanimous. Samuel, Damien, and Lindsay are safe. Alex is the best mover than the other boys but he tries less than everyone else. He is doing a last chance performance. Marissa had a hard time in the recording studio and she wasn’t as “electric” when being slushied and as such she is in the bottom. Hannah and Cameron split the decision. Based on the theme of the week, Cameron was the only one who stopped mid-performance while Hannah struggled in the booth and in choreography, but she pushed through the problems for the video. Hannah is safe and Cameron is in the bottom.

To give the bottom three an easier time, they let them since their audition numbers, which the contestants seem thrilled about.

Marissa– “Hate on Me”
Marissa gets all teary-eyed. She feels like she fits in here. Mostly what we hear is her yelling. She puts on a major attitude to fit the song but I want her to look at the judges more. She’s not quite hip enough for this song (she’s got the voice but I’m not sure about the attitude). I’m not sure who she would be on the show because she’s not weird or dorky, if anything, she’d be a cheerleader and fit in well. She puts Ryan’s name into the song, which they seem to like. They know her talent is excellent and she will always be performing but they need her to be more in control.

Alex– “And I’m Telling You I’m not Going”
Alex chooses to do his song in drag so he can show them what he’s bringing to the table. (A typical gay kid already exists on the show, but imagine the borders they could push with a kid who dresses in drag or who wants to become a girl.) As always, Alex can belt out the song. I think Mercedes sings it better, but he’s pretty good too. (Also, I don’t think we’re hearing him with the sound corrected, whereas i doubt we’ve ever heard her without it.) They like that he shows that he really wants this. They tell him they need him to attack everything the way he attacked this.

Cameron– “Love Can Wait” (Cameron’s original song)
Cameron wrote this song after breaking up with his girlfriend. The song is actually pretty good. It shows off his personality well (obviously, since he wrote it). They like him when he does his thing. He’s a great performer but they worry about his acting. He was the only one they had to stop for. Can he keep up with the cast?

Alex worries that he will be leaving because he has been in the bottom so often. Cameron is sure he is leaving since he has been in the bottom a lot too. Marissa is fairly secure because she has never been in the bottom (does that mean she is leaving?) but she knows she can’t be too sure.

The list is up and it is time to find out who will be leaving. In a shocking move, the judges decide to send Marissa home.


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