Single Ladies

I decided to check out Single Ladies on VH1 because a friend said the show was supposed to be good. Plus there is Stacey Dash of Clueless as the main character, an added bonus.

The premise: A bunch of single ladies living and dating. Val is an aspiring fashion mogul who separates from her longtime boyfriend when he doesn’t want to get married. Keisha is a former video performer who doesn’t believe in love. April is the married non-black girl in the group who is cheating on her husband.

There are so few black women on TV (at least in lead roles) and I was hoping to like this show, but it was so stereotypically “black.” The ghetto-ish speak, stealing, backstabbing…I would like to think black women are more diverse than this. The girls are sort of mindless and shallow. Their empowerment is more like sluttiness.

I hoped for more nuance and likable characters. I could not get into this, Dash notwithstanding.


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