I have not done a movie review in a long time, but I recently caught this movie on ABC Family and was surprised to find myself liking it a lot.

Emily Osment plays seventeen years old Taylor, a slightly awkward, inexperienced teen who gets a laptop for her birthday. As any teen, she is excited for the new freedom and immediately logs on to a popular social networking site. But what starts out as fun quickly turns bad as a prank turns to cyberbullying and everyone in Taylor’s school turns against her. The teasing and bullying gets so bad and isolates Taylor so completely that she contemplates suicide.

Osment is a shockingly good actress, I have only ever seen her as goofy sidekick to Miley Cyrus’s Hannah Montana, so I wasn’t sure how she would be. It turns out, she is not only believable (as a sweet, sad, and bubbly teen), but also has the ability to really make you feel for her. In fact, she did such a good job she had me crying at all the right moments. (I haven’t cried during a movie in probably ten years so this is a pretty big deal. Any of my friends can tell you, I am not a crier.)

I was impressed at how well and realistically the movie covered the problems of the characters without becoming melodramatic and over the top. If this movie is any indication, Emily Osment has a bright future in the acting world.


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