Syfy’s newest show, Alphas, is basically Mutant X or X-Men. There are select people in the world who have special abilities such as super strength, mind control, enhanced senses, etc. They are known as Alphas. Five Alphas work together to stop other Alphas from wreaking havoc and injustice throughout the country.

The strongest element to the special abilities story is that each one has limitations and downsides to them. The girl who can enhance her senses can only do them one at a time and always at the expense of the others. The super strong guy only has strength for shorts bursts of time and then is left exhausted. Though we have not learned all there is to know about these downsides, we know that more is coming. Nina in particular, the attractive mind controlling rebel, obviously has a past. They have hinted to it in different ways but there will obviously a lot more revealed as the show continues.

There are also hints of something bigger and more nefarious going on. For me this is the most exciting part of a series. I have always been a sucker for the bigger mythology. I find it adds another element to the story that makes it more complex and attention-grabbing. The question is how well a show can balance the big picture with the rest of the show. As long as the development of the characters don’t suffer, I’m game.

At this point, I’m excited about the show but not sold that it will be able to hold on. (See Heroes…)


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