SYTYCD: Top Ten Results

After last night’s first contestant-all star performance, it is time for our first true individual performances.

The show opens with our top ten performing a Broadway piece which never seems as awesome on TV as it does in the many Broadway shows I have come to love. I think mostly I don’t like the music (and by extension the style) the choreographers on this show tend to select. Where is the more modern work? Enough of the contemplative/slow stuff.

Instead of having a true single elimination, there will be a bottom two guys and bottom two girls and an elimination of one each. I suppose they are concerned that all of one gender will be cut out once again.

NPH says he likes the results shows on SYTYCD because on other shows, the group performances tend to be…meh.

First results are Melanie, Mitchell, and Tadd. So Melanie is safe. Mitchell probably isn’t. Tadd was said to out-dance his all star so it would be surprising if he went in the bottom. Mitchell may actually be heading home tonight. The second dancer in the bottom four is…neither of them. Tricky Cat Deeley, that was a bit mean and tricky.

Our next group to get results is: Marko, Sasha, and Clarice. Presumably it is Clarice who is in danger here. (I’m not clear why they are doing it this way. Whenever there are two of one gender and only one of the other, it is pretty clear that one person of the majority gender will be in the bottom. Marko is quickly sent to safety (maybe they just new Melanie and Marko would definitely safe so it only makes sense to do it this way. Sure enough, Clarice is the first girl in danger.

Next week’s all stars are: Ivan, Jaimie, Anya, Pasha, Lauren Gottlieb, Neil, Ade, and Lauren Froderman. A winner returning! Bring back the others!

Jess and Ricky are next in the harder to call decision of the night. Ricky seems not to have won the audience over on his own because he is sent to the bottom.

Lastly, we have Caitlynn and Jordan. another indefinite. Jordan if history repeats itself, which it does.

Deneil Thinkin (name?) of the French ballet, who is the least suave looking guy I have ever seen does some dance to some French music. He’s sort of creepy looking. Not a bad dancer, he’s very good, it was just so weird. Why didn’t they have the week’s all stars perform a group number? That would be awesome.

Our dancers were tested by the Gatorade Sports Science Institute to help them improve their performance through health. They go through tests to determine the body composition, measure reaction time, and physically reacting to stimulus. The tests show that they are just as fit as other professional athletes.

Clarice- Nice but not particularly special.
Mitchell-Something about holding a towel makes this look more impressive than it is.
Jordan- More emotion than usual.
Ricky- very intense music.

While the judges go make their decision, blush featuring Snoop Dog perform. Unfortunately the singing was sub-par.

The judges are unanimous but before Nigel reveals the losers he wants to explain all that the winner will get and their need to not be depressed for being in the bottom. Twitch was in the bottom 3 times and Alison was in the bottom 4 times and look at them now. Mitchell and Clarice are fantastic but they will be going home tonight.

The competition is starting to get tight an soon it will be harder to determine who will be leaving. Do you think the judges made the right choice this week?


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