The Glee Project: Episode 5

This week’s challenge is: Pairability, with the song “Need You Now”

The pairings:

Alex-Matheus (this makes Matheus uncomfortable)

Samuel-Lindsay (Samuel is not happy)


Cameron-Marissa (is it bad that I couldn’t remember her name until Cameron said it?)

The guest judge is…Darren Criss (much as I like him, that’s disappointing). Lea Michele not available?

Despite all the issues, everyone seems to do a good job. The winner gets to pick their partner for the song. Each duet gets their own video. Hannah and Damien were too light. Alex and Matheus made it believable. Lindsay was sweet but Samuel was electric. Cameron and Marissa popped. The best are Samuel and Marissa. Darren picks Marissa.

Cameron expects Marissa to pick him, but she opts for Samuel since he was so powerful. (Surprising choice since Darren thought they were so strong together.) Their song is “Don’t You Want Me.”

Couple 2 is Hannah and Alex for “Nowadays” from Chicago.

Lindsay and Cameron are paired for “Baby It’s Cold Outside.”

Damien and Matheus are paired for “Lady is a Tramp.” Interesting that Matheus keeps getting paired with guys.

The Video Shoot:

Matheus and Damien: The training is done separately but they will all be shot in one day. Marissa makes a guest appearance in Matheus and Damien’s video. Matheus was less comfortable in the studio and the duet struggles during the shoot. Damien can’t seem to shed his accent for the song, which makes him sound a little funny.

Hannah and Alex: Hannah feels awkward with the sassy choreography. The choreographer gives her a pep talk about being sexy, which is sweet and true to Glee. They dress Alex as a woman for this which is a little insulting to him, even if he has a feminine voice. (He doesn’t seem to mind though.) Hannah seems less uncomfortable for the actual shoot.

Marissa and Samuel: During their session with Darren he tells them be more concerned with the feeling than the steps. Marissa is directed to surprise Samuel with a kiss. despite not knowing it was coming, he totally went with it.

Lindsay and Cameron: they want Lindsay to step it up more and she gets nervous. Lindsay throws in a kiss at the end, which freaks Cameron out because he has a girlfriend he is very committed to. He feels like he’s cheated on her.

The kids are gathered to hear who is in the bottom three. Marissa and Samuel were a great pair and are called back. Given the theme, they decide to change things up a bit. Instead of picking three individuals, they are having all three remaining pairs do duets.

Hannah and Alex– “Valori”

Alex is upset because he thinks he and Hannah worked hard. Hannah seems to have more confidence here and they have the judges smiling through the performance. They were very cute, is their feedback. Ryan Murphy loves her and finds them both inspirational.

Matheus and Damien– “These Boots Are Made For Walking”

Matheus and Damien have a hard time communicating. This is a weird song choice for them. Their voices don’t really mesh and the choreography is sort of awkward. Ryan Murphy found the first thirty seconds awful but they attacked it and gave in to the ridiculousness of it. Damien steps in to say that people have been putting Matheus down. Ryan tells him to ignore it and not shut down because of it.

Lindsay and Cameron– “River Deep Mountain High”

Lindsay is thrilled with the song choice though Cameron barely knows it. Lindsay thinks Cameron had a hard time connecting. Lindsay seems to make more of an attempt to interact with Cameron than he reciprocates. Ryan finds Lindsay’s voice incredible. and thinks there is definitely a place for her on the show Cameron was charming but they are still trying to figure him out. The judges want to understand why Cameron freaked out about the kiss. He explains that he is religious and wasn’t expecting it. Ryan wants a Christian character that he had thought would be a girl but maybe it could be Cameron.

Lindsay is immediately sent to safety. As is Hannah. Damien follows quickly after, thanks to his exuberance and enthusiasm.

Cameron was outclassed. Matheus isn’t enough of a smooth crooner. Alex is interesting but the actors are expected to be supportive of each other and apparently he is not. Alex apologizes. They think this group is very strong but they frustrate them a lot.

Alex and Matheus start fighting backstage. Matheus is in tears. Alex blames Matheus for putting him in danger and potentially sending him home.

The results are in and the person going home is…Matheus.


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