Platinum Hit: Episode 6

Finally Melissa is gone and now the real competition can get started. You know what I mean…

Kara meets the writers outside. (No Jewel?) Today the hook challenge is all about risk. They have to perform their hook in the promenade. The winner is whoever ends up with the most money at the end of the day. In all fairness, location is as important as a good song. Jes’s risk is continuing in the competition. Umm Jes, this isn’t a risk. Nick quite his job in favor of pursuing his writing. Sonyae feels disadvantaged without having an instrument. There is also an advantage in being the first person performing. Plus there’s the whole cuteness factor)

Jackie– Say It Back
Scotty– Melt
Jes– Save Yourself
Sonyae– Jumping out the Window (aaah)
Johnny– Bettin’ My Life on You (had people singing along)
Brian– Heart in Your Hands
Nick– Risky Business (his music sounds the same all the time)

Top 3-
3- Jes- 14% of earnings (cut meandering)
2- Johnny- 27% of earnings (relate-able)
1-Jackie- 43% of the earnings (make the lyrics a bit more interesting)

Picking the teams:
Jackie takes Scotty and, at his recommendation, Sonyae (who has immunity from last week). Johnny picks Brian. Jes selects Nick.

The teams must complete the song but not in the genre it was written in. Jackie’s team opts for country. Johnny’s team picks reggae. Jes’s team goes with pop. (Jackie thinks she should have taken R&B considering her team, but I think going out of the most obvious genre is more impressive.)

Nick thinks Jes’s song has miles of work to do because it has a boring feel. Meanwhile Johnny and Brian have a hard time focusing. With team Jackie, Scotty refuses to take a backseat to Jackie. Sonyae thinks country is about bacon and eggs. Scotty becomes so immersed in writing the track he all but shuts out his team.

The guest judge this week is Bonnie McKee of Teenage Dream and California Girls fame.

Team Jes– “Save Yourself,” pop, the song sounds much better than it sounded in their session though Nick’s background is only different in so far as its electric guitar instead of acoustic.
Team Johnny– “Bettin’ My Life On You,”
reggae, I don’t like reggae so I have a hard time judging this.
Team Jackie– “Say It Back,” country, the song seems to have the judges grooving and Nick yawning obnoxiously.

Team Johnny and Team Jackie are called up to the stage first. one team took a bunch of risks that paid off. That team is Johnny and Brian, who have won the challenge. Kara loved the melody and lyrics.

Team Jes joins Team Jackie onstage. Jewel points out that Team Jes did not write a pop song. It has to be easy to understand. The judges keep expecting something to happen with Nick but he seems to be all talk. Jewel loves country music but thought their lyrics were disappointing. Team Jackie is…the bottom song.

Didn’t expect that. Jackie and Scotty are in the bottom two, with Sonyae safe. Kara wants to know why they picked country rather than R&B. The judges felt like there was no country feeling. So this is one of those questions–worse for doing something bad or doing nothing at all. They didn’t explain enough and used an urban phrase. Scotty and Jackie fight over ownership of the song (which is interesting considering that the judges didn’t like it). Scotty says he rewrote the entire melody and Jackie didn’t write any of it.

The judges have deliberated and unfortunately one of them will be going home. Jackie’s lyrics did not strike an emotional cord or tell the story. Scotty didn’t contribute to the key part of a country song. Ultimately, it is Jackie going home.

Jackie gets some good feedback before being told to pack her things. Jes seems genuinely sad for her but no one else seems to care. Though Nick (surprisingly) instigates a group hug which is nice.

The contestants are ready to relax but in comes Jewel to tell them that their next challenge starts immediately.

The show seems to indeed be struggling as it is moved fro its Sunday slot to Friday night (I almost missed it completely because I was taken by surprise about the move). I think perhaps the network did not think through all the details when they put this project together. There was a lot of “this is how it is done in the real world” and not enough of “this will help get across the songs to America.”


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