SYTYCD: Top 12 Results

Before I even get into the show and the results, I learned three very important things today:
1) Cat Deeley has finally (finally!) been nominated for an Emmy (why has Heidi Klum been in that category all this time, she barely hosts).
2) Cat styles herself for every show (which just makes her more impressive).
3) SYTYCD has also finally gotten its Emmy nod.

Now to the real show where we learn who will be in our top ten and tour the country post-show.

Surprisingly, it is Jordan who takes front and center of this group number with a monster dress that *needs* to be held up by all the guys. As always, in the front are Melanie, Marko, and Jess. Maybe they should just wear shirts that say “we are number one.” It’s a crazy but interesting group number that has Cat mouthing “amazing” as she comes in. The routine is by Kelly Abby (I think she’s new).

Unlike Carmen Electra, Jesse Tyler Ferguson (also with an Emmy nomination) has deigned to grace us with his presents on his results show. Cat tries to compliment the show as a whole but Nigel tells her to nevermind that because she has finally gotten the nominations. The judges give her a standing ovation. The show has gotten eight nominations overall. Five are for choreography (out of six spots total). For a reminder of the dances we get a quick clip. The nominations are:

  • Mandy Moore’s Funky Shoes dance
  • Mia Michaels’s Alison Wonderland
  • Stacey Tookey’s routine about the childhood friends who meet when one is a bum and one is rich
  • Travis Walls’ routine about being backstabbed by a friend
  • Nappy/Tab’s routine with Alex Freaking Wong learning hip hop from psychologist Twitch

The two I am most excited about there are the Travis Wall routine and the Mia Michaels one.

The first two couples to the stage are Mitchell and Caitlynn and Jess and Clarice. Clarice and Jess are undoubtedly safe (even if I dislike Jess’s mugging). Sure enough, Caitlynn and Mitchell are sent to the bottom three and Jess and Clarice are sent to safety.

Nigel has some unfortunate news for us today: despite all the support for Alex Wong to be an all star he got the same injury that took him out of the competition last year on his other foot, precluding him from this year. But the list of all stars are: Melody, Allison, Pasha, TWitch, Comfort, Chelsea, Brandon, Kathryn, and Robert. Well, I’m sad to lose Lauren of last season, but otherwise it seems to be a pretty exciting group.

More results with Melanie and Marko (who are obviously safe) and Ryan and Ricky (who obviously aren’t). As expected, Melanie and Marko are safe and Ryan and Ricky will be dancing for their lives.

Our last set of pairs are Jordan and Taad and Sasha and Alexander. This is where it is the least definite. Sasha and Alexander got the overwhelmingly more positive reviews of the night but Jordan and Taad had such a solid opening piece it may have swayed viewers in their direction. Sure enough, Jordan and Taad are safe, sending Sasha and Alexander into the bottom for the first time.

While the dancers prepare for their solos, we watch Jason Samuel Smith and his tap group perform. This is definitely one of the cooler and more unexpected performances the show has had in a long time. we have had a couple tappers on the show here and there but it is nice to see what a big tap performance can be like. (Melinda was on the show last season and is now part of the group.)

Nigel has changed into a Dance4URLife to encourage people to dance all the time for their health.

Now time for your solos.

Caitlynn– There were perhaps a few more leaps than necessary (some of that time might have been better served changing it up) but was otherwise pretty good.

Mitchell– I can’t tell if that was a slight fall one one of his stunts, but the rest of this solo felt like he was really fighting.

Ryan– This is not my favorite solo from her but there was something interesting about it anyway.

Ricky– I wish Ricky would try harder in his solos. I get that he can spin very well but he otherwise does only a couple actual dance moves.

Sasha– While little of the actual dancing was impressive, I appreciated that the dance had a clear feel to it. (somehow I don’t think she has anything to worry about anyway.)

Alexander– Wait, is Alexander a ballerina? (Is there a male word for that?) I’m actually quite impressed with his solo which makes me a little sorry for hating on him all season.

Sonyah refuses to get up, Jesse wants to run out the door (Cat channels some Kristin Chenowith and informs him that all doors have been shut) but alas the judges must deliberate while Nicole Scherezingher, formerly of the Pussycat Dolls and The Sing Off, now of the coming X Factor, performs. The song is about as standard and cookie cutter as it gets but she is not nearly as hot as Beyonce. Maybe she’s just a little too skinny and is pulling Willow Smith hair whipping moves. (To be honest, from this performance I am not even certain she can sing.)

The girls’ decision is unanimous. Caitlynn has been in the bottom before but she hasn’t danced as well as she has in her solo before. Ryan has also been in the bottom and in addition to feeling lackluster last night, she didn’t do herself justice tonight. (He thinks she seems depressed and you can see a bit of her defeated attitude.) Sasha did not show off well in her solo but she’s fabulous. The girl leaving tonight is Ryan, as expected. (Would she have been safe if she had done a better solo?)

For the guys they are not unanimous. Mitchell’s solo was pretty strong and his work has been between average and pretty good. Ricky gave one of the best solos he has ever seen. Alexander finally found himself in the competition but his solo let him down technically and will be going home.

Is anyone surprised by this set of results? As much as I like Ryan, it was pretty clear that she would not be continuing. At this point, the dancers are so strong that are few that I really want to see gone.


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