The Glee Project: Episode 4

This week’s challenge is to sing “Hey Soul Sister” and to show off their dance ability. Hannah is anything but pleased but Mattheus is thrilled. Cameron has no rhythm and Samuel isn’t used to dancing when he performs, but the group (seemingly led by Alex) choreographs well.

The guest judge of the week is: Mike Chang (Harry Shum Jr.) which is appropriate (though I do wish for some Heather Morrison). Harry says the show is more about showing personality than being amazing.

Alex seems to have the best technical dance skills of the group (which is to say he did some actual dance rather than freestyle).

Cameron had a unique feel. McKynleigh was the least memorable. Alex’s real moves didn’t feel appropriate to the song. Samuel had an air of coolness. Mattheus owned his movement. The winner is: Samuel. Alex is upset because Sam is not a dancer.

For the group number, the kids will be rapping “Can’t Touch This” instead of singing which is a bit unfortunate. Maybe they’re hoping to replace Artie as resident rapper because he isn’t really a good rapper at all. Samuel is glad he won so Alex says he just didn’t want to win.

Vocals with Nikki:
Hannah is apparently called MC Hannah and it turns she is pretty good. Mattheus works. Hannah is a little rushed. Damien is a little too growly. McKynleigh’s voice is anything but appropriate for a rap song. Samuel gets some ad-libs (in which he totally copied Hannah but Nikki didn’t know it so she thought he was great).

Choreography with Zach:
Damien is particularly concerned because his dancing is not very strong. Cameron and Hannah struggle as well. Hannah comes off as uncomfortable. Alex finds it easy and Zach even has him teach some of the others. But will it hurt hum that he focused more on the others than his own dancing?

Shooting the video:
Alex is completely lacking in the energy and McKynleigh can’t show any heart. Cameron can’t quite pull it off. Hannah looks down too much (and also looks ridiculous). Mattheus has a hard time because they change something on him which leads him to act a bit like a diva. The judges are surprised to find that the less talented dancers are actually doing a better job overall than the more experienced and skilled ones.

The kids worry about their performances and no one seems entirely confident with it. Time for judging:
Damien, Marissa, Lindsay, and Samuel are quickly sent backstage to safety. Left behind are Alex, McKynleigh, Hannah, Mattheus, and Cameron. McKynleigh can’t seem to show some stage presence. Cameron’s nerves got the best of him. Alex seemed “over it.” Mattheus was a baby. Hannah had a hard time with the dance but she owned it on the day and is safe. The last safe competitor is…Cameron because he did ultimately take direction.

McKynleigh– Last Name, Carrie Underwood
McKynleigh is confident because she has performed this song before. Nikki tells her she doesn’t often connect facially with her songs and perhaps this will be the trick. This song suits her voice much better and she seems to get into this performance more than others. (Oddly I can only think of Kristin Chenowith’s version of this and I can’t think of Carrie Underwood’s version.) The one plus she would have to the show is that her voice is a bit different than anyone’s on the show. McKynleigh needs more ferocity and they want a country singer on the show.

Mattheus– Down, Jay Sean
Mattheus got messed up by the pressure. Nikki tells him to get over himself. They tell him to own his sexuality, which he was already planning on doing. He quickly removes his shirt and dances around. They worry about his earlier freakout but very much like his performance.

Alex– I’ll always Love You, Whitney Houston
Alex thinks his voice, story, and personality belong on the show. Nikki tells him to show his emotion. Alex can’t balance his diva-hood. He sings it well but his voice is not my favorite for this show. I’m not sure what his place would be on the show, unless he replaces Kurt once he graduates. They aren’t thrilled by Alex’s admission that he just threw away a competition because he thought he had it in the bag and and therefore could just let someone else shine. (Only his mother knows that he is gay but she doesn’t care.)

The judges say this is a hard week to decide but they have made up their minds. The callback list goes up and it is McKynleigh who gets sent home this week.


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