SYTYCD: Top 14 Results

The show opens up with a Bollywood number that is interesting but not one of my favorite group performances. For me, Bollywood is challenging in that its fast paced but is otherwise somewhat repetitive for me. There aren’t any surprise moments or real emotions.

Getting right to the results (something I greatly appreciate about this show as compared to others with a separate results show): Caitlyn and Mitchell and Marko and Melanie are called onto the stage. Our resident power couple, M&M are quickly dismissed and then Mitchell and Caitlynn, the judges’ proclaimed “best performance of the night” are sent after them. I would really like to see Melanie and Marko do a Latin routine of some sort to see if they really are as dominant as we are being led to believe.

After some more talk about National Dance Day, the next three couples are brought up: Ashely and Chris, Jess and Clarice, and Jordan and Thad. To no one’s surprise, Ashley and Chris are dropped into the bottom. The real question is will it be Jess and Clarice or Jordan and Thad. I know who I prefer but then it really comes down to Jess’s annoying facial expressions. He just seems so smug all the time. Unfortunately, it is Jordan and Thad who find themselves in the hot seat.

Our last two couples come out for judgement: Ryan and Ricky and Sasha and Alexander. Despite the more positive judging results going to Ryan and Ricky, they are the final couple in the bottom three. Shame, I like this couple a lot and think Sasha and Alexander are a poorly matched partnership. Travis goes so far as saying he thinks America has gotten it wrong.

While that dancers change, the Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet performs. Dance-wise, this piece is definitely worthy of the show, but it did reveal how much hearing about the choreographers’ inspiration and what the story to the dance is really effects the experience.

Time for solos:

Ashley– Whether she’s felling defeated or just doesn’t care, her technically well-danced solo felt energy-less and half-hearted.

Chris– following his partner with an interesting but not particularly impressive performance, Chris is not helping his chances either.

Jordan– What we already know about Jordan is she can be sexy and knows how to straighten her legs, now if only her solo could show us something else that is new.

Thad– Thad has the energy and joy that we didn’t have from the others but it was still lacking a little in the technical difficulty department.

Ryan– While also not particularly challenging and definitely somewhat frenetic, there was something sweet and beautiful about this.

Ricky– Ricky is another example of a beautiful solo that didn’t reveal anything new.

I think the dancers have forgotten that a really good solo can win over America for the rest of the season or, like with Jeanine Mason, possibly push you into the spotlight and winning spot on the show.

Florence and the Machine performance is surprisingly dancer-free. Couldn’t they have brought some all stars in for an exciting background? I found this a bit boring, though a second watch through made me appreciate the music more. It is just slightly more operatic than I like.

Now to see who is going home:

Nigel says the girls are stunning on the show (and takes a moment to call out the celebrity in the audience–Kim Kardashian) but they and the guys need to up their game and show something new. Jordan in particular needs to show more. Ryan had a really good routine. (Perhaps the judges should realize that showering a competitor can actually hurt their standing in America?) Ashley has yet to peak and she never will because she is going home.

For the guys, Nigel tells Ricky Travis thinks he is the second best contemporary dancer of the season but for some reason he and Ryan are not connecting to the audience. Chris always brings out good routines when doing solos. Thad is someone that Travis really wants to work with. Chris unfortunately isn’t strong enough in the actual routines and so he is going home.

The results are anything but surprising, but it is interesting to note that at this point only couples have ever gone home which begs the question: are the weakest dancers intentionally paired up so they can go home first before we hit the top ten, bring in the all stars, and start voting individually?


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