Combat Hospital

ABC’s latest Canadian import is a hospital show set on an army base in Afghanistan. But don’t expect it to be anything like Grey’s Anatomy. Relationships, though not completely absent from the show, are hardly the center. Instead, the stories mostly follow Rebecca, a soldier in the Canadian army who has come to work as a doctor on an the army base.

The show, as of now, is sort of simple. None of the characters, at least at this point, are very complicated. Despite being in a war zone, they hardly notice the constant dangers they are in. Instead, the most shocking things are finding a snake in the ER. It feels like there is something more–Rebecca has recently gotten out of a bad relationship–but so far we have not gotten enough details to really feel a deeper connection with them.

It feels like the show itself, considering the topic (a war that was fiercely debated) could have more drama and tension. It seems like the show needs another level–maybe a soldier opposed to the war or a close friend injured or a soldier new to the place and actually afraid, I don’t know, but just something to make it deeper and more interesting.

The show is only in its second episode, so maybe things will get better with a few more episodes, but I’m not all that hopeful. It’s good enough to watch but not enough to take precedence over other, more exciting shows.


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