Mike Ross is not your regular college dropout. He’s got a photographic memory, which allowed him to pass the bar without attending law school. Harvey, a top lawyer at an elite firm, hires him as an associate despite his lack of degree. But there are problems with having a lawyer in a law firm who has never finished grad school–the least of which is the fact that the firm has a strict Harvard grads only policy–as the pair quickly discovers. It turns out, they really do teach law in law school, including small but important things like filing briefs.

So far things aren’t bad. Both Mike and Harvey are a bit smug for my taste of main characters, but I have made exceptions before (Psych’s Shawn Spencer and White Collar’s Neil Caffrey being two such examples) and I am letting it slide this time. At least for now.

In the first two episodes, we’ve mostly seen the dynamic between Harvey and Mike develop–Mike is constantly told that he reminds people of a young Harvey, Harvey tries to get Mike to shape up, Mike looks to cut corners by getting help but learns the hard way that this might come back to haunt him. What I’d like to see more of is the other characters. We had a couple moments with Rachel (a paralegal who would be a lawyer if only she tested well), Jessica (Gina Torres–the lawyer that gave Harvey is shot), and Louis (a lawyer jealous of Harvey and in charge of the new employees), but so far it doesn’t feel like we have truly gotten to know any of them yet. I imagine this will be something addressed as the show continues.

What I like about this show is that though this is a law show, it doesn’t quite follow the formula of other law shows. Rather than the case a week format, it is more of a “thing Mike doesn’t know” of the week. It’s a small difference, but it does make the show feel fresh even while drawing on familiar elements of the genre. Which isn’t to say we don’t get to know the people in the individual cases at all, but they are hardly at the front and center of any given episode.

Like other USA shows, this isn’t a breakout hit, but it is an enjoyable show. And I am a Gina Torres fan…


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