State of Georgia

Raven Symone’s newest show just premiered on ABC Family and I’m sort of torn. The show is about a girl named Georgia who has moved to New York to become an actress. along for the ride is her best friend, Jo, who is a science geek with a hair condition that makes her head look like a frizzy mess.

There were occasional funny moments–mostly involving best friend Jo–but also a number of off-putting moments. Georgia came off as snotty and overly cocky at times, to the point where I wasn’t sure if I wanted to support Georgia as a main character. [SPOILER] For example, in the pilot Georgia goes on a casting interview only to be told she is too heavy to make it in the business (ironic because Raven is fairly successful, though she did first make it when she was young and thin, which might have helped). To get back at the agent, she seduces him (in the least seductive way possible) to prove she can and then turns him down.

Loretta Devine, who plays Georgia’s cooky Aunt Honey, deserves far better than the role she has. Mostly she just breezes in to say a weird comment or two and then disappears again.

This is only a pilot, so I am willing to give it another show, but if this is an indication of the direction of the show, I don’t think I will be watching it for much longer.

Where was the charming Raven we got to know on the Disney show? It feels like she’s in her late teens-early twenties but she’s still acting like she’s ten.


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