So You Think You Can Dance: Top 16 Results

I much prefer Cat’s look tonight over her old timey look of Wednesday night. Something about this flowery dress better suits her body type (she no longer looks like a beanpole. It just occurred to me that she typically spends an entire show standing in very high heels and I must say that i am impressed. Her feet must be killing by the end. And she doesn’t even have someone hold her hand as she runs up and down stairs to get into different locations for each speech (where as Mary, Sonya, and Kristin all had help to walk down short flights). But no time to dwell on that–the top 16 have just stormed the stage for the group number. I can’t help but notice that one of the girls with long brown hair (Clarice? Miranda? Caitlynn?) seems awfully stiff here. That last flip in the end was a bit slow and painful as well. Michael Rooney choreographed the routine.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s say hello to our judges and have Kristin plug her upcoming country album. We have a clip of the video, which is bizarre. I don’t know if it’s the hair, her age, or just her body, but she looks a little shriveled.

Time for some results:
The first three couples called up are Ashley and Chris, Ryan and Ricky, and Melanie and Marko. The judges have been praising Marko and Melanie as the couple to beat for a couple weeks now and though I don’t see them going anywhere this week, I worry that their overpraising will come back to bite the contestants (frontrunners virtually never win). Obviously, they are sent off to safety without delay because the real question is which of the other two couples will be in the bottom (or will it be both of them)? Ashley and Chris are in fact revealed to be in the bottom three while Ryan and Ricky quickly join M&M.

After a brief reminder about national dance day, three more couples are called up:
Jordan and Tadd, Sasha and Alexander, and Miranda and Robert. Jordan has to pee so Cat announces her and Tadd’s results first and they are safe. After the vote, Miranda and Robert are the second couple in trouble. Sasha and Alexander are, not surprisingly, safe.

The final two couples are:
Clarice and Jess and Caitlynn and Mitchell. Interesting that they put our two Latin dancers in the bottom. Both got good reviews. I think it will mostly come down to who America likes better regardless of specific performance. Personally, I’m ready to see Jess go. I can’t handle his smugness. Unfortunately, Cat announced that the final couple in danger is Caitlynn and Mitchell, which means Clarice and Jess are safe.

Axis, a dance group that includes able and disabled dancers performs. It’s sort of interesting and strange. He is clearly undoubtedly strong, enabling him to wheel himself around and flip her when needed, but he also had an extremely limited range of motion and didn’t seem to do much with his arms. I’m not sure how I feel about this piece ultimately. It’s a great thing to exist, I’m just not sure the choreography was on par with the idea.

Ashley does the first solo. I’m beginning to think the dancers should get a special session to help them put together their solos because they don’t know how to show off their skills for the most part.

Chris follows with a slightly more upbeat and impressive performance that shows off his strength.

Miranda has a piece much more impressive and endearing than Ashley’s and I can only say she better stay around over Ashley.

Robert‘s solo is a bit frenetic that while impressively fast, did not really show off his range of skill.

Caitlynn also pulls out a more impressive solo. She cements my feeling that Ashley is the one who most deserves to be evicted.

Lastly is Mitchell who I felt like could have had more diversity of moves in his solo. But what he did, he did well.

Cat kicks the judges out for deliberation (which Kristin admits she will be no help at) and we get to watch the current US and World theatrical ballroom champions, Eric Luna and Georgia Ambarion. Maybe they should choreograph for the show? Something about this couple’s lifts are so fluid and impressive. I don’t even like ballroom but I couldn’t help but be impressed. This is a style I could get behind on the show.

The judges continue deliberation (Kristin is saying something along the lines of “I just can’t”) and finally they come to a decision. Nigel says they love all three girls and the decision is not unanimous. Miranda is the most improved girl and tonight she is going home. (That’s disappointing and seeing the clips of her from the season, I’m even more disappointed.) For the guys, the judges are unanimous. Mitchell dances really well for his life but he hasn’t been connecting with the public. Chris had the passion they expected from a solo. He’s doing a good job but has to grow quicker. Robert has a great personality but tonight he will be leaving us.

I’m noticing a pattern of sending people home in pairs (only entire couples have been eliminated) and I wonder if this is just highlighting the flaw of the couples system. Because a couple could be put in the bottom because of half the pair not necessarily because the audience dislikes both of them.

What do you think America? Who should have gone home?


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