The Voice: Final Performance–Top Four

The last performance show of the evening kicks off with our coaches performing a group number. During this, we learn that Christina can in fact hold back long enough for the other judges to be heard and that her hair is longer and more ridiculous than I realized it was. The performance was a little quieter than I would have liked but Adam finally had a chance to legitimately show off his voice. Also, Cee Lo seems to have missed out on some Incredibles wisdom: No Capes!

And now back to our regularly scheduled contestants. Our finalists have been dolled up/pimped out in black and white—and Dia in red, maybe she missed a memo too. But to kill some time—this is a two hour show after all—we have some questions for the contestants (in which they talk about how they are all friends) and coaches (who say their artists are all true artists, inspirational, etc) and some wasted time with Alison Haislip as she talks about twitter and something about 3D pictures. And by the way, our top eight are touring.

First up for our four finalists is Javier Colon of Team Adam, singing an original song, “Stitch by Stitch,” intended to be his first final (post show). He works with Rodney Jerkins who suggests keeping it simple to show off his voice. Adam warns him not to go too big too early. The song is quite simple, but that doesn’t take away from how good he sounds. Plus, I imagine if he were touring this song for real he would pull a Christina and do run after run so it is nice to hear this clean version.

  • Blake- I’m always in aw, but I want to say something different. He is a good dude.
  • Christina- That song suits you. (She seems sort of bored and indifferent.)
  • Cee Lo- You embodied the song.
  • Adam- You are such an amazing guy. (He actually tears up and needs to regroup.)


Dia Frampton is up second but not for her original song. First we will be hearing her perform “Stand My Ground” with her coach Blake. What I like about this duet is that he doesn’t try to overwhelm her. This isn’t the Blake Shelton show and he knows it. It is this quality that makes him such a solid coach.

From Team Cee Lo comes Vicci Martinez, performing her original song, which she is quite pleased with for its epicness. I love Vicci but this wasn’t her best performance. It’s sort of the song that would be fourth on an album rather than the first single out. I kept waiting for it to build as promised but though she was bouncing around, the song itself was a little sleepy. She’s got such a great range and energy, why didn’t they write for that? I think her onstage bounciness also didn’t suit the song she was singing and maybe stage presence and actual performance is something she will need to work on. Not to say she sounded bad, it just wasn’t as memorable.

  • Adam- I bought every second of it.
  • Blake- I love how you insist on being a big deal. (Huh? Is that even a compliment?)
  • Christina- You’re a dynamic performer. (Is she hung over or something?)
  • Cee Lo- I believe in you as a person and as a personality.

Pitbull  comes to perform his newest single, “Give Me Everything,” featuring Ne-Yo. Christina finally got up some energy to paw at the dancers moving around her red chair. Otherwise there was little notable about this performance.

Beverly McLelan and coach Christina team up for the next duet, singing “Beautiful.” Christina seems genuinely excited about this, which earns her a few personality points (too bad they are not enough to make her actually likable). I don’t know if this song was as unique and different as Christina promised, but it was certainly a powerful and moving performance. (Former Idol contestant Katherine McPhee sings this song in Smash so they plug that as well.)

Dia Frampton represents Team Blake with her original song, “Inventing Shadows,” which we can already tell from rehearsal will be a strong one. The song suits her voice well and it pretty much sounds the same as every other one of her performances. Blake is all but rocking out to the song, which is cute.

  • Christina- Lovely but let’s complain about the background dancers.
  • Cee Lo- Wonderful as usual.
  • Adam- I got distracted by the background, but you were amazing.
  • Blake- They’ll just be distracted by your single dominating theirs.

Javier Colon and Adam take on the Michael Jackson hit “Man in the Mirror.” Javier sounds excellent in this song and Adam harmonizes well. If anything, Adam is at the disadvantage here because his vocals are not nearly as strong as Javier’s.

Country singer Brad Paisley steps on stage for a performance. This song did nothing to endear me to country music, but SURPRISE! Blake Shelton is singing to Christina!

For the last original song of the night, Beverly McLelan of Team Christina, performs “Lovesick.” Christina advises her to infuse her personality into the song. Finally Christina leans forward in her chair and seems to be avidly watching a performance. The song is fine and works for a single but doesn’t show off her voice and won’t help her win. The judges do give her a standing ovation though.

  • Cee Lo- Bev, wow. I enjoy you all the time so thoroughly (that sounds a little dirty…)
  • Adam- What you did transcends all competition and makes this fun.
  • Blake- If music was crack, you would have a serious problem. It’s awesome.
  • Christina- You have great work ethic, you always show up and smile…

The final duet of the night is performed by Vicci Martinez and Cee Lo Green. They perform “Heartache to Heartache” with a bunch of child dancers which is always cute. This energetic, theatrical performance is much more suiting for showing Vicci off.


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