Falling Skies

TNT’s latest foray into genre television is a sci-fi show about a war-ravaged world where an alien invasion has left only a small amount of humans, foraging for food and struggling to survive. We learn about this world through the eyes of Tom Mason, a father of three. His wife was killed during the first wave of the attack. His oldest son is now a soldier in the human rebellion attempting to stop the aliens. His middle son is missing–taken by the aliens and “leashed” so that he has become a mindless slave. His youngest son is basically just cute sweetness (meant to give us the awwwww factor).

Tom is played by Noah Wylie (of ER). It’s a very different role, but I liked him then and I like him now. There’s something about him that makes the scrappy, fighter thing work. Tom already has something of a love interest in Anne (Moon Bloodgood), a pediatrician who has become their primary doctor post-invasion. There are a lot of characters in the story, but for the most part we know little about any of them. That would be my main complaint about the show, but I assume that in a few episodes we will start learning about more people.

The show did a smart thing by skipping the big theatrics that could have been in the pilot. Rather than start with the alien invasion itself, which would have a big impact but be nearly impossible to live up to, they started some six months later, with the resistance already in full swing if not yet being as effective as they desire. The biggest problem I find with sci-fi shows is they start so big that the rest of the show is dull by comparison. There’s also the plus of not spending the entire season trying to figure things out, which is nice since that was where shows like FlashForward became dull. Sure, there will be surprises and things to discover, but it isn’t a show about people trying to figure out why something already happened.

So far, I’m really enjoying the show and have a lot of hope for its future I hope the ratings dip from episode 1 to episode 2 isn’t enough to put the show in danger.


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