Expedition Impossible

Trying to pretend this show is different than the Amazing Race, we follow thirteen teams of three as they trek across Morocco’s deserts, rivers, and mountains. There will be ten stages to this journey and the team to finish the entire thing first will receive $150,000 and 3 Ford Explorers.

During each stage, there are multiple checkpoints, each providing clues for where to go next and occasionally a task that must me completely before moving on. If any one member of the team quits, all three are disqualified.

The biggest difference between this show and the Amazing Race is that there aren’t any taxis or trains. Contestants have to really make their way on foot (and occasionally by riding camels).

Otherwise, the show feels like a repeat of every other travel show we’ve seen on TV. I’m not sure what they can do to make this show any more exciting or unique, but it needs something to stand out. (Perhaps it works because it is the summer and there isn’t enough competition for it to matter.)


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