The Glee Project: Episode 3

This week’s theme is vulnerability, which they will work on using the song “Please Don’t Leave Me” by Pink. Hannah worries about being able to put aside her goofiness.

The guest this week is…Coach Beiste! Dot-Marie Jones. Coach Beiste is apparently Lindsay’s favorite character. She explains that her character’s struggles in the show are the ones she experiences in real life. Her tears on the show are real tears.

Dot-Marie likes subtle performances so Lindsay’s was too forced. Lindsay of course disagrees but she’s told that it isn’t about how she felt. Emily managed to be subtle. Matheus broke her heart so naturally he won. (I thought Damian was quite good too.) He cries.

The group number is “Mad World.” They have to expose an insecurity in public. Lindsay never stops talking. It makes you want to hit her.

The plan is to walk through Universal Citywalk in LA wearing signs exposing their secret. They discuss some possible words and phrases that they might choose. Hannah considers fat. Alex wants to use gay. Lindsay feels like a trophy and fake. McKinnley is embarrassed by her ethnicity (she’s half black and from a very white town). Samuel chooses unwanted (his girlfriend chose someone else). Emily has been used sexually by producers.

In the studio, Nikki Anders talks to Marissa who nearly breaks down when saying her word is flawed (we don’t get to hear why though). Cameron is “Misunderstood.” Damion’s word is numb for fear of missing out on life while trying to pursue his career. Nikki warns him that this could be destructive.

Cameron may be at a disadvantage of being normal and well-adjusted. Emily can’t stay in character while shooting. Alex spends the day trying not to break down in tears. Marissa considers changing her sign because she thinks flawed isn’t going far enough because it doesn’t specifically address her past issues. Instead she chooses anorexic.

The music video ends up being surprisingly touching. Hannah, McKinnley, Marissa, Samuel, Alex, and Matheus are safe. Remaining behind are Damien, Lindsay, Cameron, and Emily. Emily is called out for having a hard time staying in character. Cameron couldn;t quite connect to his vulnerability. Damion didn’t come across as genuinely numb. Lindsay took the notes she was given about not being too big and so she is safe. SO why did they keep her behind? Unclear.

Damion- “Are You Lonesome Tonight”
He sounded good here and came across well for them. He showed them something they could write about. He keeps getting put in the bottom but it keeps bringing out his strengths.

Emily- “Grenade”
She sounds good but I’m not sure she’s showing any vulnerability. She got goofy at some points. She was a little too cutesy near the end.

Cameron- “Your Song”
Not my favorite version of this song. He sounds fine, but there’s something about it that doesn’t work for me. His feedback is it was more “coffeehouse performance” rather than emotional. He might not fit on a show about underdogs. They tell him to change (out of a suit) and try again. The second time around he comes out in his usual clothes, which they like better. He comes off much more awkward and interesting.

The final list goes up and it’s time to see who we will be losing. Ultimately, it is Emily going home.


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