The Voice: Semi-Finals Results

For an abrupt break from the system we are used to, this week we have a results show. Whether this is a good or bad thing has yet to be determined (more often than not it is a negative, but I’m holding out hope that they’ve found a good way to do it).

Predictably, we open with a group number that is not nearly as exciting as I might have hoped. Each performer sounded individually good, but the song was just a blah song. And when they sang together they were barely any louder than before. It did serve to make me think that there is a lot of talent in this group and that next week’s finale should be an exciting one.

Each artist has two scores one out of the coaches, one from America, each out of 100. Those two scores are added together and the one with the higher score on each team will get the finale spot.

Team Cee Lo is up first. Who will make it, Nakia or Vicci?
Cee Lo’s scores come first-
Nakia: 51
Vicci: 49
His reasoning is that Vicci was overpowered by the drums a bit (which is really his fault for having her use drums so…yeah). He says on playback he’d have made it even.
America’s Votes come next-
Nakia: 25
Vicci: 75
Nakia’s total is 76. Vicci’s total is a commanding 124, easily making her the finalist.

Cee Lo performs his new song “Bright Lights, Bigger City.” Eh, not one of his better songs. But this does mean every coach has put out at least one song since this show has started. well played people.

Team Adam is up second. Who will make it, Casey or Javier?
Adam’s scores come first-
Casey: 35
Javier: 65
Adam’s reasoning is because though he looks at them as equals, Casey is young with a bright future but Javier is older and so he wanted to make sure his career kicks off.
America’s Votes come next-
Casey: 27
Javier: 73
In another very obvious decision, Javier’s total is 138 and Casey’s is 62, making Javier the finalist for Team Adam.

Team Blake is up second. Who will make it, Xenia or Dia?
Blake’s scores come first-
Xenia: 50
Dia: 50
Really Blake? Blake’s reasoning is he doesn’t feel like he can win or lose here. He clearly feels very close to both of them (which is why he is such an excellent coach on this show).
America’s Votes come next-
Xenia: 56
Dia: 44
Which makes Dia’s total 106 with Xenia’s total 94. Dia is the finalist but I am surprised (shocked!) at how close the two scores are.

Team Christina is up second. Who will make it, Frenchie or Bev?
Blake’s scores come first-
Bev: 50
Frenchie: 50
Christina’s reasoning is the two of them are so uniquely talented that she can’t judge them. She wanted America to choose.
America’s Votes come next-
Bev: 57
Frenchie: 43
Making Bev’s total 107 and Frenchie’s 93. Bev is the representative for Team Christina.

There were no surprises this episode. The real question is who of our final four (Dia, Vicci, Javier, and Bev) will win it all? Does anyone else feel that the coaches (other than Adam) sort of cheated by basically opting out of casting a vote?


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