So You Think You Can Dance: Top 20 Performance Recap Take 2

To save time this week, we are getting introduced to our dancers in pairs based on who they have been partnered with for this leg of the competition. it makes for an interesting juxtaposition when the two have different styles. Actually, this was a good idea that made things a little more dynamic and exciting. By dancing together they were forced to do something different.

While I don’t love Cat’s outfit, something about it just says “Don’t you want to be friends with this ball of sunshine?”

Joining the judging panel this week is Debbie Reynolds who is apparently a dance legend worthy of a standing applause by Nigel and Mary. Ah, she was in Singing in the Rain! Thanks for filling us in.

Ryan and Ricky are up first. Ryan apparently has fast-growing leg hair. Ricky’s real name is Roderick. They get a Mandy Moore jazz routine which is exciting. Hopefully, despite their youth, they can get the steaminess needed. Technically, this pair is super strong, but Ryan needs to learn to smile less. Smiling brightly does not equal sexy. They need to work on their chemistry. (Too often Ryan was looking at the audience when she should have been looking at Ryan.)
Judges Say:
Nigel- sensational and raunchy. you could feel the sexual tension.
Mary- I am addicted to the two of you.
Debbie- that was hot!

Caitlynn and Mitchell get a Stacey Tookey contemporary piece about a bad relationship. Caitlynn apparently has boots that turn her feet blue. Mitchell, back and dancing this week, is wearing a zebra print snuggie. The show is off to an awesome start with two of my preferred choreographers. Caitlynn gets into get character particularly well. Another strong performance, even better when they came together. (Apparently, Mitchell hit Caitlynn and made her bleed mid-routine.)
Judges Say:
Mary- I’m glad we got to see you dance tonight, amazing, the chemistry is so believable. Flawless.
Debbie- So beautiful and dramatic.
Nigel- outstanding choreography and danced.

Wadi and Missy are up next. Wadi likes to use hair removal cream on his chest. Missy has an embarrassing laugh. They get a chacha with Jean Mark Genereaux. Jean Mark says this is the hardest routine he has ever done, which should make this interesting for a pair who have never done this genre. Oddly, the music feels very mismatched for this routine. I don’t know if they’re just dancing too slowly but it felt like they were moving so slowly in comparison. They don’t look particularly comfortable with this routine (the steps just don’t feel as fluid as they should).
Judges Say:
Debbie- muy bueno.
Nigel- Wadi was excellent in strength and partnering but his technique was missing. (He has seen better.) Missy was everything he could have hoped for–spicy, hot, and well-weighted.
Mary- Spectacular beginning but in the actual chacha dancing Wadi was lacking technique. Respectable. Missy however is the chacha queen (except for the real queen also on the show?) Missy looked like a professional.

Nick and Ivetta are paired for a Bollywood number choreographed by Nakul Dev Mahajan. Ivetta talks to herself in the mirror. Nick always wears shorts despite his chicken legs. Ivetta seems to have some trouble lifting her legs at times. Nick seems to have picked up this style a bit more fluidly, perhaps because he is used to bigger leg motions. It felt like there wasn’t enough energy from them.
Judges Say:
Nigel- You kept it entertaining but not as good as others who we have seen do the genre.
Mary- You two shine up there and have chemistry.
Debbie- Wonderful.

Miranda and Robert pick up a Nappy-Tabs hip hop number. Robert seems to think he is a pro-wrestler. Miranda has a little crush on Tadd. This is about a woodpecker trying to teach a baby how to fly. Napoleon and Tabitha are always interesting so this could be fun. Makes me think of the Flower and Hummingbird routine. I did not think Miranda would pull of this hip hop routine but I’m happily surprised to see that she did not look out of her element (though her costuming was a little weird for her and she did miss one trick). They were slightly disconnected on that final flip but otherwise this was interesting and excellent.
Judges Say:
Mary- This absolutely worked for the two of you! Miranda was hard-hitting and sharp, clean, with swagger. (Buck?)
Debbie- Fabulous.
Nigel- Tonight you shocked me because Miranda was the best contemporary dancer he ever saw do hip hop.

Jess and Clarice are up next with a Stacey Tookey contemporary. Clarice sleeps with her eyes open. Jess draws stick figure orchestras. This is a routine about Jess marrying into Clarice’s royal family. Funny to see how many lifts such a tiny person like Jess has to do. This isn’t my favorite Stacey Tookey routine. They do a good job but I don’t feel any major chemistry.
Judges Say:
Debbie- beautiful dancers
Nigel- I enjoyed parts of it. The separate work flowed but when you came together it felt uncomfortable. I think you’re fabulous.
Mary- Jess had perfect emotions. He has a great center. Clarice has legs.

Jordan and Tadd come up next with a Viennese waltz with Jean Mark Generaux. Jordan is apparently stupid. Tadd is OCD about how he packs (color coordinated and ziplock bagged). This couple seems to fair better with the ballroom genre. Granted, the music also seemed to fit the routine well and made it feel contemporary. (The spinning cinematography made me dizzy though.)
Judges Say:
Nigel- just so beautiful, it just had everything. Tadd is a hip hop dancer. remember?
Mary- Tadd is the seasons biggest surprise so far.
Debbie- just as wonderful as Fred Astair.

Melanie and Marko have a jazz piece with Mandy Moore. Melanie has an issue with people touching her ears. Marko reads romance novels. They have hats for props which always add another level of difficulty. Considering how strong this pair was, I expected a little more. Once again the music and the routine didn’t quite seem to match.
Judges Say:
Mary- So good. I never have to worry about this partnership.
Debbie- You are the musical stars of today.
Nigel- You two are stars.

Alexander and Sasha are our second to last couple. Sasha sweats like a guy. Alexander likes to look at himself in the mirror. They get a Nappy-Tabs routine that is about a soldier coming back from Afghanistan and seeing each other for the first time since he gets back. The only thing missing for me is that Alexander doesn’t make a believable soldier for me (maybe the costuming is partially to blame).
Judges Say:
Debbie- This was so hard because you were asked to do so much. (She starts crying.)
Mary- (Through tears, she says) Sasha really showed the anguish.
Nigel- You carried it off brilliantly.

Ashley and Chris are our last couple of the night with a Broadway routine choreographed by Spencer Liff. Chris has a creepy smile when he’s nervous. Ashley thinks she has swag but doesn’t. The story is that Chris is stuck in jail and Ashley comes to visit him. The entire routine is done with bars between them. The opening moment shows an impressive amount of upper body strength from Chris. I would have liked the bars to be longer or something to allow for more use of the stage. I will say this routine helped redeem them after last week’s mess.
Judges Say:
Nigel- great routine. Chris was out of his comfort zone and was fantastic.
Mary- Let this man go! Hot tamale train!
Debbie- Wonderful, great, sensational!

What did you think of the show? Are you glad they kept everyone last week? Who should be going home this week (remember it will be four people!)


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