Platinum Hit: Episode 4

Jackie is looking for redemption this week while Nick is looking for the “most obnxious” award.

Today’s challenge: writing a rap about superpower they wish for. The guest judge today is Rodney Jerkins (who you have undoubtedly heard about if you watch other TV shows about music–he’s basically worked with anyone who is anyone).

Melissa– “Instant Love” (almost a Vegas hotel commercial)
Amber– “Controlling the elements”
Jes– “Hard-hearted”
Jackie– “Amazing rapper” (Jewel thinks this was some of her better lyrics, much to Nick’s chagrin.)
Brian– “Love Potion” (needs more time)
Nick– “Invisibility”
Scotty– “Flight”
Sonyae– “Controlling Emotions”
Johnny– “Walking Through Walls”

The hardest part of this is imagining a good rapper doing the song. Johnny can’t really rap at all but a good rapper could probably make his song sound good.

Top 3:
3- Jackie (comedic like Missy Elliot)
2- Sonyae
1- Johnny

The challenge: right a rap song while incorporating another genre.

Team Selection-
Johnny– Scotty and Jes (choose to incorporate operatic pop)
Sonyae– Nick and Melissa (add an R&B, rock)
Jackie– Brian and Amber (incorporate a doo-whop)

Sonyae and Nick clash on the small details (like the exact emphasis and rhythm) because they are both big personalities. Johnny and Jes meanwhile are a little on top of each other, which makes Scotty a bit uncomfortable. Brian works on the track because he feels uncomfortable with the lyrics and rap. Amber and Jackie and Amber seem on the same page. In each group there seems to be an odd man out.

Team Johnny– “Walk Through Walls” Johnny actually does a good transformation into a rapper and though Jes is a little high-pitched, the general harmony with Scotty’s smoother tone is pretty good.
Team Sonyae– “Miss Make the Boys Cry” Sonyae definitely can rap and I like the addition of Nick’s singing as a sort of dialogue
Team Jackie– “Super Duper Rapper” There’s something fun and enjoyable about this song. I could kind of see this song on air though I have no idea who would sing it.

Backstage Nick says he thinks Jackie’s song is “whack” and he thinks she has an evil side. Jes doesn’t see that and tries to defend her a bit.

Team Sonyae and Team Johnny are called up first. They are the Top Two. (Sonyae is wearing the weirdest earrings ever.) This is why I hate group challenges–Melissa doesn’t deserve to stay regardless of her team’s success.

And the winner is: Team Johnny.

Now dealing with Team Jackie, who is in the bottom. Brian thinks this is more novelty than a hit. There was no social commentary in the lyrics, which they think would be important to make it better. The comedy was too one-dimensional. Amber has been sort of the background and they don’t really know where she fits in. The track wasn’t fresh, which was Brian’s entire project.

Backstage, Nick says Jackie is hard to work with because she steamrolls them. This turns into a session of “who is talking about Jackie behind her back.” Nick calls Sonyae out who denies it and ends up yelling at Nick. Nothing gets resolved.

The moment of truth: Amber is going home. Brian takes the news stoically while Jackie bursts into tears. (She’s kind of crying more than Amber is.)


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