More Web Series

Imaginary Bitches– With Eden’s friends all in relationships, Eden has no one to talk to. Often, she is even left out because they aren’t sure how to fit her into “couples activities.” She unintentionally creates imaginary friends to help her through her dating funk and keep her company, but her imaginary friends turn out to be snarky and rude–in other words, bitches. But having imaginary friends is anything but easy. They only complicate matters, especially when they can pop up anywhere at any time and constantly insult the “real” people in Eden’s life. Considering that three of the show’s main characters are never actually heard or seen, this short web series is hysterical. The acting is pretty solid and the idea is a strange, never before seen one that, although it would never work as a primetime show, was enjoyable in its small segments. They have taken a situation that anyone can relate to and brought it to its extreme. (The show is currently only one season, thirteen episodes long, with shows ranging from 5-7 minutes in length.)

Anyone But Me– Vivian is an out and proud teen in New York, dating longtime girlfriend Aster. But when her father has to move out of the city for health reasons, their relationship becomes complicated. In her small new town, Vivian isn’t sure how people look at gay people, so she doesn’t tell anyone, causing problems with her and Aster’s relationship. Unlike most web series, this one is both well acted, well written, and well produced. It’s a more honest and real look at the life of a gay teen than any we have seen on TV. There is no question about whether or not they are gay, there is no bullying. Ultimately, being gay is treated as a normal way of life and the complications come only from denying the truth of themselves. At the moment the show isn’t multi-layered enough for TV (only because they are limited in time and therefore focus) but were this given the chance, and with the development of the other characters, this show has the potential to be made into a full length show.

Haute & Bothered– Students in design class compete to make their fashion design the best to win an internship (season one) and a place in fashion week (season two). The acting and writing here is a bit weak. The characters are not well-developed and the “mean” characters lack dimension. It’s still fun to watch, but not if you’re looking for a real quality show. Or even if you’re looking for insight in the design process or in seeing exciting new clothes. In the first season we see very little of the designs being made. In the second, they step it up to show some of their real creations which make things a little bit more believable. I wouldn’t use this show to judge web series as a whole, but if you’re looking for a bit of fun, this is something to check out.


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