As a fan of Claudia Black, I was excited to learn that she was a key member on Farscape. I never saw this show while it was on the air, but as it was listed in many Top 10 lists for best Sci-Fi shows, I decided it was time to check it out.

John Crichton goes into space to create an experiment, only to be sucked through a wormhole and deposited elsewhere in the galaxy. What he finds there is a living prison ship transporting prisoners who may not be guilty, captured by Peacekeepers who may not be concerned with peace. Here is where his adventure begins. As he attempts to find his way home, he meets many aliens and makes a handful of powerful enemies who will stop at nothing to catch him and extricate the knowledge that he manages to acquire along the way.

I have always loved stories about the development of a hard-hearted character who becomes more human (think Seven of Nine from Star Trek, Cara from Sword of Truth, Grianne Ohmsford from the Shannara series, etc) so I was all too happy to watch the journey of Peacekeeper Aeryn Sun as she is forced to reconsider the solider’s life she has always known when she gets stuck with Crichton and the prisoners.

The show has a lot of characters, some better than others. Pilot, who has a symbiotic relationship with the living ship, Moya, has one of the more interesting, if less often touched upon back stories. If there was one thing I could have wished for on the show, it would be more about him. (Which is difficult since he cannot really go anywhere since he is actually attached to the ship itself.) Rygel and Chiana were two of my least favorite characters. They barely developed over the course of the show and were mostly just annoying and selfish (Rygel was a former dictator who was deposed by his cousin and only cares about money and material objects while Chiana is an escaped Nubari that had the potential for an interesting storyline with the her brother is leading but instead spends her time obsessing over sex).

I’m not sure that I would list this as my favorite sci-fi show but I certainly did enjoy it and wished for the series to go on for longer.


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