The Glee Project: Episode 2

This week’s song will be Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” which thrills the group. Alex is excited for the theatricality. Emily thinks Lindsay is phony (for spouting of Glee’s theory of theatricality). And this week’s guest judge is: Idina Menzlel! (They all basically freak out and I am right there with them. i only hope this signals a return for Shelby to the show.) She tells them theatricality is honest and fearless, not over the top. The winner will have a featured moment in the group number and time with Idina. The kids actually sound great here but few stand out to me.

Idina is impressed by their choreography because she isn’t a good dancer. She was impressed with Ellis’s voice. Samuel was “hot, cool, relaxed.” Lindsay sounded contemporary. Alex has a large presence and range. Cameron stood out despite not actually having a singing part. The winner is: Alex. (We all saw that coming.)

The group number will be: “We’re Not Gonna Take It” The concept is a dream sequence where outsiders dream of being rock stars in a cafeteria.

Zach Woodlee is just as rushed and crazy as last week. Ellis has a particularly difficult time learning the steps and even Emily gets nervous. Lindsay and Ales start critiquing Matteo. Zach is impressed with Cameron’s surprising coolness.

Assistant Choreographer Brooke is helping on the set because Zach is off working with the actual Glee set. Hannah isn’t used to being a glam diva but she’ll go for it. (We didn’t get to see the vocal group in sequence but we get some flashbacks as Samuel struggles with his part.) McKynleigh struggled in the recording studio too, she didn’t have any fun with it. Mattheus doesn’t know how to play the drums which made him struggle. A lot of them couldn’t step out of their own characters and into the characters they have been assigned.

Lindsay has an easy time in the recording studio but she sort of comes across as a know-it-all. She quickly rubs people the wrong way and Hannah goes as far as to say she thinks Lindsay is mean. Ellis tells her she attacks her everyday and Lindsay is shocked about it.

The video itself comes out well enough that I kind of want it on my iPod.

Alex, Cameron, Marissa, Samuel, and Lindsay are safe. Lindsay feels “overblessed.” Ugh. Skill-wise I do like her but personality-wise…meh.

In the bottom is Matheus, Ellis, Damien, Emily, Hannah, and McKynleigh. Damien, Hannah, and Emily are told that they are in the middle ground and safe for another week. Most surprising is Mattheus, who was top last week. McKynleigh has a disconnect with her vocal ability, she gets “Piece of My Heart.” Matheus was to busy trying to look cool and lost his passion, he gets “Gives You Hell.” Ellis needs to stop being negative, she gets “Mack the Knife.”

They all seem to be happy with their song choices this week but they’re all still upset about their bottom three status. McKynleigh doesn’t really get what she is doing wrong so she doesn’t know how to fix it. Matheus has a hard time getting the rhythm right. Ellis is most proud of her voice so she’s excited about the chance to show it off at least.

Lindsay thinks Damien’s Irish sayings are funny. Of course, she doesn’t realize it is not sayings so much as an accent.

The moment of truth:
Ellis– Does well. She’s a character. She can do jazz, which no one on the show can really do. Her attitude is all that is lacking.
Matheus– Having heard Lea Michele sing this song on the show, Matheus has a big of a disadvantage here. I like her version a million times better but he does get very into it and I know from other instances that he can sing. They love how carried away, he’s exactly what Glee is about. (They want to sex him up.)
McKynleigh– I think she’s missed the point of what they said (which isn’t surprising). She sounds good but she has no character or personality here. She was the best singer of the night but she’s shown none of her personality. She needs to inspire the writers to write for her.

The list is up and it is time to find out who will be leaving us this week. And that person is: Ellis. (She has been in the bottom two twice, so this is no surprise.)


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