SYTYCD- Top 20 Results

The opening performance is typical Sonyah Tayeh craziness. Though the proprs aren’t so typical of her, the dance moves are. I was surprised to find myself more interested in the guys’ parts that the girls’.

Cat looks so bright coming out in her bright pink dress amidst the darkly-dressed dancers. Our bottom three (plus Mitchell) will be dancing solos in their own styles and then the judges, Mary Murphy, Nigel Lythgoe, and Megan Mullally will decide who deserves to go home.

Nigel and Lady Gaga seem to be a little too close. Are they in a congo line?

Brought out first are:
Marko and Melanie are declared safe for their statue routine. Missy and Wadi had the demons from Pandora’s box routine and they too are safe. Ivetta and Nick, who did the dreaded quickstep, are also safe. (Does that mean they broke the quickstep curse?)

No waiting before bringing out our next two pairs:
Ashley and Chris, with the meh but still overly praised hip hop dance, and Jordan and Taad, with the high impact afro-jazz routine, takes centerstage together. The first bottom three couple is…Jordan and Taad. Ashley and Chris are safe. Really? I would have guessed the other way.

Our next dancers brought up:
Caitlynn had to dance with veteran Robert for a Sonyah Tayeh routine. Clarice and Jess had the Broadway routine where people loved Jess more than I did. Clarice and Jess are in the bottom three while Caitlynn is safe. There’s a decision I can get behind.

Before we continue, Keri Hilson comes to perform “Lose Control”. Anyone else catch the creepy looking back up dancer? All I have to say about this is that they should stop pretending she can do choreography. At least most of the steps she actually did were a bit weird. Her background dancers were good, though I missed having our all stars there.

The last three couples are:
Ryan and Ricky who had lyrical hip hop are not surprisingly safe (the judges did say both are some of the strongest performers). Robert and Miranda had a fun, if heavy-footed jive. Sasha and Alexander had the other Travis Wall performance. The final two dancers in danger are Miranda and Robert. Sasha and Alexander are safe.

Remember that weird dance that Jeanine was forced to do in her season? (Cat keeps calling it a gopak but I thought they called it Russian folk dancing back then.) We’re having something else in that style. He’s clearly a talented dancer, but it is no less weird to walk this routine than that one. (Wonder what Megan is whispering to Mary at the end of that performance.)

Time for the solos:
Mitchell who was injured last night is up first. He’s got great extension but there was no wow factor for this dance.

Jordan angles for another overly sexed routine that doesn’t quite get there. She does a few cool moves, though nothing to win me over to her side.

Taad picks up the excitment with a fun song but not the great b-boy moves to match. Not that he’s bad, but they’re fairly basically, if well executed moves.

Clarice who the judges thought would be a favoritehas a sort of snooze-worthy routine (though her clear enjoyment was a plus at least).

Jess annoys me more for her personality than his dancing.

Miranda shows some solid lines though she seems too smiley for the song choice.

Finally, Robert reminds me that I much prefer him dancing to singing–no Wooing when he’s on the stage. Though this solo didn’t show off his strengths until a few great end moves.

Halfway through the solos, the judges basically throw up their hands. How are they supposed to judge this? “There aren’t enough superlatives to describe these kids!” Nigel proclaims. It may just be me, but the solos seem much shorter than usual.

But while the judges deliberate, lets look back at Lady Gaga. Her first television debut was on the show a few years ago, so now she is repaying us with an exclusive look at her video for “The Edge of Glory” and the promise to guest judge sometime later this season. (For all you nerds out there, doesn’t Gaga look like Chiana from Farscape in this video?)

Now for the judges’ decisions:
The guys seem to be up first as they are all together, but first they decide to ask Mitchell and Robert to redance. Perhaps they did not plan the episode well enough to fill out all of the time? We just saw Robert’s performance so it isn’t exciting to watch it again, so he does change it up a bit. (The judges don’t even see to be watching so let’s not pretend this ruse of having them redance is anything serious.) Mitchell goes again and I actually like his opening move better than before. Maybe just now that I have compared it to the other routines.

While the judges “think” the girls are called up (putting the boys in suspense for longer). Actually, let’s just call them all together at once. Nigel doesn’t know why Jess and Clarice are in the bottom. And he’s decided that he won’t be letting anybody go home before.

This has never happened! The studio goes wild. The other contestants storm the stage in excitement. BUT two couples will be going home next week. He wants America to have the chance to really see everyone (which is not a general precedent I am opposed to, I always feel like this first elimination is too soon to make any judgement calls).


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