The Voice: Live Show Quarter Finals Round 2

Last week we saw Team Christina and Team Blake perform. This week we will learn the results (who the coaches chose to save and who America saved) and watch Team Adam and Team Cee Lo perform. Christina looks better this week than she has all season (the dress is cute, the hair isn’t too big, and her makeup is a bit toned down).

Results first:
Team Christina– for a recap, we see Raquel be pitchy, Beverly be exactly as expected if a little sick, Lily be ok, and Frenchie sound great.
Christina basically bursts into tears at the idea that she will be losing half her team and she has faith in them.

Who did America save? Beverly McClellan.

Now Christina must make her own choice. She takes a moment to say something to each girl (Congrats Bev, Raquel you’re a dynamo, Lily has an incredible range and soul, Frenchie has poise presence and power) and then selects Frenchie. (Both my picks made it through, not surprisingly…)

Team Cee Lo performs first.
Tori and Taylor Thompson are assigned “Boogie Woogie Boys”. It almost feels like Cee Lo wasn’t sure what to do with them so he gave them this super random song since it is a duet sang by sisters. It isn’t a song I would ever want to listen to but they sound right singing it. (Which is to say its an annoying song that suits their voices.)

  • Adam- good old fashioned entertainment (old fashioned is right!)
  • Blake- I love the whole performance.
  • Christina- I love the use of dancers and costume, very fun.
  • Cee Lo- Wonderful job.

Team Adam‘s Casey Weston is second with “Black Horse in a Cherry Tree.” Adam wants her to be energetic but she’s used to the slow songs. He wants her to be a showstopper. She does a fine job but oddly enough, I kept thinking about how much I would like to hear Bev try this song. Casey sounds good but her performance element was just ok.

  • Blake- I want to download that.
  • Christina- That was really fun (she says almost in surprise). Don’t let your background overpower your performance.
  • Cee Lo- You grew into the song pretty good.
  • Adam- I knew you were out of your comfort zone and I’m so happy. Amazing energy.

Team Cee Lo puts in Vicci Martinez next and she is easily one of the contestants I am most excited for. She gets “Jolene” (which always makes me think of Whip It). Her performance does not disappoint. It’s not a particularly energetic performance (because it isn’t that type of performance) but she’s something of a powerhouse and the song suited her well.

  • Adam- soulful, raw, and honest
  • Blake- truly explosive
  • Christina- heartfelt, excellent use of the stage, great ambiance
  • Cee Lo- such a wonderful job, worked that stage like a professional

Team Adam answers back with Devon Barley singing “Stop and Stare.” Adam works with him on confidence. The rocker look seems a little forced (the leather jacket makes him look like he’s playing dress us–maybe they should have given him contacts?) This isn’t his best performance that we have seen.

  • Blake- powerful
  • Christina- I’m into you, you bring it on stage
  • Cee Lo- Very cool how different your voice and look are
  • Adam- Didn’t want to try beating the pyrotechnics, a little pitchy in the start but became confident.

Adam actually makes an interesting point here. He and Blake come from genres that are more about singing and playing guitar etc on stage while Christina and Cee Lo are more involved in putting on a major show. On a show like this, which direction is stronger?

Time for Team Cee Lo‘s group performance in which he wears a major afro. I totally forgot about this part of the show so it was exciting when it started. Vicci sounds particularly great. The sisters, on the other hand, didn’t sound great. Adam is cracking up as they sing a bung of old time songs.

Team Cee Lo‘s Nakia is up next to sing “Sex on Fire.” It is not for not reason that Cee Lo tells him he is counting on him to lead the pack. Easily one of the better performances tonight.

  • Blake- I felt the burn.
  • Cee Lo- Great job, impeccable.

Team Adam‘s Jeff Jenkins is up next singing “Jesus Take the Wheel.” This was a difficult song for Jeff. I know they want to push the singers out of their comfort zones, but you don’t do that by giving them songs that don’t really match their voices. I would have pinned Jeff as a definite for the next round before this performance.

  • Christina- very nice, beautiful.

Team Adam‘s group performance is now so first we get treated to some bonding. His choice of the Wonder Years is so excellent.

Team Cee Lo‘s Curtis Grimes is Cee Lo’s last singer, performing non-country song “Addicted to Love.” Curtis is concerned about singing outside his genre, but I think (in theory at least) this is a good thing for a singer to be able to do because then they can incorporate more variety into their music. It still sounds country, but it is pretty good. Not a favorite of the night, but not bad.

  • Adam- awesome, you wear the cowboy hat
  • Blake- good performance, awesome
  • Christina- Likes his spunky attitude, great manly voice
  • Cee Lo- wonderful job

Team Adam‘s final artist of the night is Javier Colone taking on “Angel” which seems to be an easy choice. Adam warns him not to oversing the song, which he has a tendency to do. There was an obvious jump in the lyrics which caught me, but he sounds good, if a little less confident than he usually is. Still prefer Sarah McLachlan’s version, but more because of her unique voice than his poor singing.

  • Blake- You go and buy his albums
  • Christina- the one that got away
  • Cee Lo- you have the voice of an angel
  • Adam- Absolutely perfect

Second part of results:
Team Blake must learn who will be staying and leaving. We get a quick recap where we see that Jared was good, Dia was a bit up and down despite an interesting version of a song, Xenia looked uncomfortable, and Patrick was solid. (Wow, Xenia looks like a different person with straight hair!)

Who did America save? Dia Frampton. (Really America? Is it because Scotty McCreery takes up too much of the country world for you to embrace another boy wonder?)

Now Blake must make his decision. First some thoughts on his kids. Patrick was wanted by all, Xenia has a unique tone, Jared burns the house down. He can’t effect change with Jared or Patrick like he can with Xenia so he chooses Xenia. Perhaps he does not understand the point of this show, which is not to develop a new artist but to find the best voice. As even Carson says “I don’t think anyone saw that coming.” Blake says he thinks the two girls feed off each other. (Wow, I would have picked the two boys.)

It is strange to realize that we have only seen each of the singers perform at most three times so far this competition. On American Idol, meanwhile, the singers perform every week and laryngitis is not uncommon by the end. I wonder if Idol might take a note from this show and start giving contestants more time to rest between performances (perhaps alternating performances more) so that we don’t have a case like Lauren Alaina in the finals where there was speculation that she might not be able to compete at all.


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