More Web Series

So I decided to check out some more web shows to see if I could find other ones that I liked. There are so many shows to pick from that it is hard to decide which ones to try (so naturally I decided to watch anything that looked good). Here are a few more that were worth watching.

The first show I checked out was Oz Girl which takes place in Australia and follows a small town girl as she moves to the city. The first episode was so slow and dull that I couldn’t really bring myself to watch it. The show has been nominated for a Streamy Award for Best Drama so it can’t be all that bad but it wasn’t my think. The actual cinematography isn’t too bad though, so a definite plus for that one.

The second show I watched was Legend of Neil, a Best Comedy Streamy Nominee, about Neil who “fell asleep” and woke up to find himself in the world of Zelda. I like the idea more then I like the concept of this series more than I like the execution. The comedy relies a lot on dirty humor which felt a little forced/over the top. There are some funny moments, where they explain things like the Old Man and life hearts but overall it didn’t quite pull it off. The graphics are decent, though not amazing. The biggest highlight is Felicia Day as the fairy, but mostly just because I like Day.

I found Ark on Hulu. The show follows Renee O’Connor (best known as Gabrielle from Xena) as Connie, who wakes up on a mysterious spaceship with no memory of how she got there. She, and another passenger, struggle to discover what the ship is for, why they are there, and how to escape. This series has great cinematography and the acting is strong. In fact, it makes me think that perhaps O’Connor was underutilized in Xena (at least in the earlier seasons).

Now, it would be difficult to argue that this show is completely accurate in its depiction of Hollywood, but there is something undeniably enjoyable about Hollywood is Like High School with Money. Maybe it is just the Mean Girls vibe, I’m not sure. Whatever it is, I found myself easily enjoying this show and watched the entire season in one sitting.

Similar to Hollywood is like High School with Money is Talent. In some ways this series is confusing. Season 1 is a talent competition. Season 1.5 is about the winner. Season 2 is an unrelated actual series about two girls trying to make it in LA (one as a singer-songwriter, one as her manager), with the talent competition winner appearing infrequently as a successful artist. The first two seasons are sort of whatever, but season 2 is actually quite enjoyable. I like the friends a lot, particularly Harper, who is the artist. Also interesting is that though the forward motion of the story is propelled by Harper’s talent, the show is really about Bianca, her friend. However, this was the first time where the limited time in a web series actually showed that there was something missing. Specifically, it talks about Harper’s history of wild behavior but we never really saw any indication that she had that sort of past and it felt out of nowhere. (On a TV show we could have had flashbacks or just a scene or two with some of those incidences.) Even with this lack, the show was fun and easy to watch.

Jumping back into the sci-fi genre, I watched In2ition. Belinda takes a job to watch Hope, a young girl who no longer speaks. Her job is to dry and draw her out of her shell. But Belinda is also given strict rules not to touch hope or let Hope touch her. When Belinda starts getting mysterious text messages from someone named Sage warning her that she and Hope are in danger, Belinda must decide who she trusts and whether to help Hope. Because Hope is no ordinary girl, she has special abilities that make her dangerous and valuable. This show is exciting and suspenseful and it has some great twists. The ending has such an excellent cliffhanger that I can’t wait for season 2, if it is happening.


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