Love Bites

This show is a bit weird really, which explains why it has been tossed around the TV schedule for a while before finally landing on the schedule. I was under the impression that Becki Newton was the star of the show, but in truth she rarely gets any screen time and even more rarely is at the center of the story.

Instead, we get three different stories that are related only marginally related in that their story lines are meant to have something of a similar theme. So far, the connections are tenuous at best. If this wasn’t bewildering enough, it is almost impossible to tell who the main cast is because every episode includes numerous celebrity guest stars (so far we have had Jennifer Love Hewitt, Michelle Trachtenberg, and Krysten Ritter).

I’m disappointed by this show because I liked Becki Newton so much in Ugly Betty, but this show does nothing for her talents. I know it has been plagued with problems during production (an unexpected pregnancy and the departure of a main character), but that doesn’t excuse this awfulness. It is no surprise that the show got bumped around the schedule so many times. If anything, I’m shocked that the show ever made it to air at all.

How do you feel about it? Will you be watching it?


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