Franklin & Bash

In the last decade, TNT has been pushing its new “we Know Drama” persona. Most of their shows have been procedurals, cops and lawyers and medical shows mostly. This year, they added a new drama, Franklin & Bash, following a pair of unconventional lawyers who join a stuffy law firm called Infeld Daniels.

Mark-Paul Gosselaar plays Peter Bash, a somewhat levelheaded trial lawyer whose skill lies in talking to juries and winning their trust (and their vote). He has feelings for his ex.

Breckin Meyer is Jared Franklin, the cocky son of a famous trial lawyer and the bigger party boy of the two.

The pair are best friends and have an ex-con and an agoraphobic nerd as their assistants. They like to flaunt authority and having the sort of witty banter that is most common on TV these days (think Psych’s Shawn Spencer). I find Franklin’s personality completely unlikeable thus far–he’s overly arrogant and not in an appealing way. Bash is more enjoyable (perhaps simply because I have a soft spot for Zack Morris). He’s not nearly as insufferable and I don’t feel the need to hit him every time he steps on screen.

Needless to say, I am not the only one to dislike Franklin. Damien Karp, the nephew of one of the Infeld Daniels senior partners, is anything but happy to be working with Franklin and Bash. He thinks they are unworthy of being part of his pretentious firm (so in a way, he and Franklin are equally arrogant). Despite his certainty that they will be fired, the duo can certainly get results and it appears that their future at Infeld Daniels is assured for at least a while longer.

Not knowing TNT’s threshold for cancellation vs renewal, I cannot say this show will be back. Its premiere only garnered 2.7 million viewers, viewership dropped a small amount to 2.6 million in the second episode. By comparison, the ratings for the more successful series are as follows: Rizzoli and Isles averages about 7 million viewers, Leverage averages around 3 million (though the last two episodes have had higher viewership than the average), The Closer averages about 7.5 million, Hawthorne averages in the low 3 millions, and Memphis Beat averages something more than 3.5 million viewers. Some of the other shows average only about 2 million viewers so it will depend on how much viewership drops over the course of the season.

I’m hoping they make Franklin a little more likeable (perhaps with more backstory to make us understand him) because right now I only like half the screen time per episode.

Have you checked it out? What do you think of the new show?


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