The Voice: The Live Show Quarter Finals Round 1

Once again proving that our judges know what they are doing, we get an performance by them to kick things off. I’d be lying if I said Adam didn’t struggle a bit in “Unchained Melody”. Cee Lo Green’s “We Will Rock You” wasn’t much more impressive but Blake Shelton really brought it while Adam picked up his guitar. Christina makes a special entrance to continue “Unchained Melody”. Ultimately this performance left me wanting. It felt like they are all talented but did not get to use their skills for the appropriate songs (not that Christina didn’t show off her power and all).

Blake and Shelton’s teams will be competing this week. Team Christina is Frenchie Davis, Lily Elise, Beverly McClellan, and Racuel Castro. Team Shelton has Jared Thomas, Patrick Blake, Dia Frampton, and Xenia. Two artists will go home next week. The judges will pick one person on their team and viewers will pick the other.

In another cleavage spilling outfit, Christina says she just wants them to step up in the performance area. Blake looks dapper in his vest and tie as he wonders how people handle having kids.

Team Christina starts things off with Raquel Castro, our youngest performance gets Kesha’s “Blow” so that she can dance. Let’s not kid ourselves and pretend that Raquel has any shot of winning this performance. She does perform well (minus the smug smile of hers) but her voice is so shrieky. She has one good high note and then follows it with pitchiness. She really needs to work on her consistency. Christina is up and dancing encouragement.

  • Cee Lo thought it was wonderful.
  • Adam can’t believe she could dance while singing.
  • Blake: Dammit. She is awesome.
  • Christina tells Raquel she made her get up out of her chair and she couldn’t be more proud.

Team Blake puts forward Jared Thomas first to sing “Use Somebody” by Kings of Leon. I like his voice better than Raquel’s, not there is anything to compare since they are such different dancers.

  • Christina loves watching him perform because of his major stage presence.(The way she talks to Blake makes her look like such a diva)
  • Cee Lo loves his voice.
  • Adam thinks it was the perfect song choice.
  • Blake tells him he kills it and to know he is a rocker.

Team Christina uses Beverly McClellan next to counter with a rocker of their own, performing Melissa Ethridge’s “I’m the Only One”. She struggles with a cold. The funny thing is Lauren Alaina sang this song in the most reason season of Idol and these two could not be more different. The song sounds pretty different in her very different voice and style. You can tell she’s still a little sick because her usual power isn’t there, but it is still enjoyable.

  • Cee Lo loves her spirit. She’s a natural.
  • Adam considers her the one that got away.
  • Blake is blown away by her sexy hotness.
  • Christina knows Adam wet his pants.

Team Blake picks Kanye West’s “Heartless” for Dia Frampton who has major stage fright. Blake has her playing piano so she has something to do with her nervous energy. It’s drastically different from Kanye’s version but I actually kind of like this version better. I don’t quite love her voice but I like it better than squeakster Raquel. She does a pretty good job minus one moment of cracking voice.

  • Christina found it very interesting and she saw the fighter.
  • Cee Lo found it great.
  • Adam thought it was the most refreshing unique thing on the show so far. (It was Dia’s idea.)
  • Blake says this is his favorite moment.

Taking a break from the practicing, Christina takes the girls out to dinner and they talk about performing. She tells them to take risks. She also addresses her earlier mishaps from this year, which seem to have been all but forgotten. Then all five of them perform “Lady Marmalade” as a group. While Christina sports the bustier apparently, the others not ready for that level of risque yet. Mostly this was just showing of Christina’s singing with the occasional input from the others (No complaints here about that though). The other coaches give a standing ovation. Carson lets us know that “WOW, THAT WAS AMAZING.”

Team Blake puts forward Xenia and attempts to make her more youthful and carefree. She seems a bit more relaxed though the arm movements they give her are kind of silly as she sings Jessie J’s “Price Tag.” She’s still stiff, but at least she’s smiling.

  • Christina says she has become one of her favorites because of her vocal maturity. You’re smiling!
  • Cee Lo loves her adorable innocence.
  • Adam loves seeing her have fun and open up.
  • Blake is so proud he sounds near tears. He thinks she is a star being born.

Team Christina‘s third singer is Lily Elise who sings “Big Girls Don’t Cry” by Fergie which is designed to show off her emotional side. I actually like this song better when it picked up a bit. This is one of Lily’s better performances with a song that really suits her voice. (But she is another one that will likely not being seeing the next round.)

  • Cee Lo tells her not worry because she has something special.
  • Adam found her engaging enough to be backup dancer free.
  • Blake says Lily’s ability always sneaks up on him.
  • Christina is so proud of her growth.

Blake takes his singers out for a dinner of their own (or do they eat in?). They perform “This Love” and other Maroon 5 songs. Remember when people complained about Haley Reinhart’s awkwardness on stage? She’s miles ahead of Xenia who looks like she has yet to learn how to put on foot in front of the other and stand straight. Their performance is weaker but probably in part because Christina’s team is full of power singers singing a power song while Blake’s team has more diversity and so this isn’t really quite their genres. It picks up a bit when Blake gets up on stage. (Is it weird that Christina sand her own song while Blake sang one of Adam’s?) Adam liked the song choice and needed to point out how much bigger Blake is than his team.

Team Blake‘s finals singer, Patrick Thomas, is selected to sing “I Hope You Dance” by Lee Ann Womack, a song also recently done by Idol. This song is getting a lot of mileage lately. (I love the song but I don’t think it is the best thing to choose to show off vocal prowess.) Blake wants him to concentrate on the emotion and performance edge. It’s funny that listening to him actually helps me appreciate Scotty McCreery more (I gave him a bit of a hard time in my reviews on However, his high note is something we never got from Scotty and it was impressive and difference.

  • Christina is still waiting for him to take off his pants.
  • Cee Lo tells him he performed like a consummate professional and that he is one of the strongest contender.
  • Adam likes his classy, sophisticated, simple, and understated performance.
  • Blake is always confident with his performance. Nailed it.

Team Christina‘s last performer of the night is Frenchie Davis. She sings “When Love Takes Over” by David Guetta ft Kelly Rowland. With some instruction form Christina, Frenchie has gotten a better handle on control while singing. I feel like I’ve heard her sing better than she has on this show. This person isn’t bad, but it just isn’t the same as when she was on Idol. I’m not sure she would make it on based on her performances here.

  • Cee Lo considers her one of his favorites because she makes him happy.
  • Adam finds something so beautiful about her. SHe made him love the song.
  • Blake considers her the most powerful singer in the competition (really?)
  • Christina is such a fan.
  • (Frenchie’s tearing up feels so much more genuine than the other kids.)

    Is it just me or do Allison Haislipp and Carson Daly seem to continuously stumble over their words? Time to invest in better hosts (and to cut the V-Correspondent thing all together).

    How do you think The Voice’s live performance stacks up to Idol’s? Who do you want staying and who would you send home?


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