Teen Wolf

MTV’s attempt to get into the Supernatural game veers away from vampires (we are promised none, though we’ll see what happens in future seasons) and into werewolf territory.

The show follows Scott McCall, a teenage lacrosse player who can’t get off the bench and therefore doesn’t really matter in his lacrosse obsessed school. It is a sort of weird school sport for a non-prep school, but we’ll go with it. He gets bitten by a werewolf one day while wandering in the woods with his best friend, Stiles. The werewolf bite does have a plus–it makes him stronger and faster and thus a better lacrosse player. The downside is that his new playtime has got the most popular guy in school and team captain Jackson’s attention (and therefore bullying) and that when he gets overly excited (like say, making out with pretty new girl Allison), he starts to transform. There’s also Lydia, the popular girl dating Jackson and Derek, the moody guy who is also the werewolf who bit him.

What we have so far is an interesting “new” take on the paranormal love story. Where most stories focus on the human girl falling for the supernatural guy, we focus on the supernatural guy discovering his abilities while trying to get the girl. (It’s really most similar to Smallville and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, if you think about it, so I guess it is an old/new take.)

There was a sharp drop from the number of viewers watching the first episode and the second, but I hope this is more because of the night change and not because people didn’t enjoy it. The show has yet to hit really great territory (Vampire Diaries took a full season to really do that to me), but if it goes beyond simple teen story and adds some bigger mythology, it could end up being great.

Allison is, like on a disappointing number of supernatural shows, a somewhat dull female love interest. As of now, she’s mostly just the sweet girl. She has been befriended by mean girl Lydia so we’ll see what happens there, but as of now, the only interesting thing about her is that her father is actually a werewolf hunter. The real question is, does she know about werewolves and does she hunt them too (or is she at least in training)? This would make an excellent bit of tension in their love story.

The big mystery of the show at the moment is Derek, the werewolf. [SPOILER] His sister’s body is found in the woods the night that he bites Scott. Did he kill her? On purpose or by accident? Was she a werewolf too? Did he purposely bite Scott? Is there a bigger werewolf community in the area that a hunter has come to town?

So far it is one of MTV’s better new scripted programming. RJ Berger is sorta ridiculous and Skins never panned out the way they hoped. I’m definitely going to be watching it for a while longer.


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