Platinum Hit: Episode 2

This week’s challenge is to make a dance club song. Jackie is immediately nervous since she has no experience writing this type of music. The guest today is Dana Sommer who has had something like 21 hits. Sonyae considers her the dance queen of the US (she also says something about bow bow pow ow!) But dance hooks need a great track but not to worry, they have one being supplied for them. 30 minutes begins now.


We get a bunch of shots of the writers singing with headphones on, mostly sounding fairly awful. You can’t help but wonder if any of them will come up with anything good. With a reminder that this is about the writing not the performance


Karen– Make It Easy, anthemic which works for the dance floor

Jackie– Unsinkable, most people appreciate hers, they gave Donna goose bumps

Blessing– Dance Romance, he has no performance ability, Donna felt it was missing substance

Nick– Moonwalk, pretty good according to DS

Amber– The Last Time

Scotty– Paint the Floor with Amazing, Donna loved it

Sonyae– Free

Melissa– Hurricane

Johnny– Push on you, could work

Jes– Sunlight

Brian– My Ridiculous, Donna likes it a lot


Top Three:

3- Scotty (he writes dance club music normally)

2- Karen (they like the anthemic melody but need it to be more unique)

1-  Brian (because it is unique and DS have never heard anything similar for dance music)


Nick basically freaks out about not winning and says Johnny also got screwed. Jewel warns him that if he think he knows it all he isn’t going to grow.


For the full song challenge, they will have to impress an actual bunch of club-goers, as their songs will be debuted in a club. But before they can start writing, they must pick their teams.


Brian picks Jes and Jackie (he opts to stick with only three people)

Karen selects Blessing, Amber, and Johnny

Scotty chooses Nick (who announces that he hates everyone because he doesn’t want any friends), Melissa, and Sonyae (who says her mom was a dance club singer and therefore she is a real asset for it).


Brian gets to keep the hook and the track but everyone else must adapt their songs to new tracks (I guess debuting the same track with three different sets of lyrics wouldn’t work. The problem with this challenge is in the club people are going to care more about the track than the lyrics. It comes down to which song is most danceable.


Team Scotty is concerned that Nick and Sonyae will be unable to put aside their issues. (Nick picked her out as someone who bothers him a lot, probably because they are both big self-centered personalities.) It turns out they work fairly well together and even Melissa seems to contribute. (Melissa is concerned with the chorus but everyone else is so excited they don’t hear her.)

For Team Brian they try to make their song weird and unusual without turning people off. Jackie and Jes struggle with Brian’s loud singing. The girls worry about the track being predominantly male because of how low it is and unusual it is for the dance floor. Brian is not thrilled.

Team Karen struggles to get lyrics that aren’t juvenile or sleazy. Blessing is reluctant to give input because this isn’t a genre he knows. Karen’s team seems to have lost the anthem aspect of it.


Sonyae is thrilled to be dressing for the club in her high high heels and little dress. Scotty realizes that it is a gay club.


Time to play the songs:

Team Scotty’s “Paint This Club With Amazing” seems to go over well as everyone dances to it. You can see how they all contributed to it. Even Kara is nodding along to it.

Team Karen’s “Make It Easy” is a bit more subdued. People are sort of dancing in place (though Kara is dancing so who knows). The anthemic aspect of the hook challenge has definitely been lost which is unfortunate. (Nick things it sucked the energy out of the room.)

Team Brian’s “My Ridiculous” seems better received. The chorus is clearly the strength of the song. (Brian is concerned with the change in vocals from his low vocal to Jes’s higher chorus.)


Team Karen had the hardest track to work with, in my opinion.


Team Scotty is called up first and they are, not surprisingly, the winners. Melissa mostly helped with the lyrics while everyone else did the Melody. They like the additions Nick gave to the chorus. Sonyae and Nick are not friends but at least they can work together. DS thinks they filled the song and didn’t leave them wanting.


Team Karen and Team Brian are called up together as the “bottom two.” Kara says Team Karen had an anthemic personality but they didn’t eject the personality into it. Donna says she liked the low voice originally done. Brian tries to blame it all on the girls but Jackie says he didn’t push back at all. But Team Brian’s song was pretty good and they are safe, leaving Team Karen in the bottom.


Team Karen missed the mark lyrically. Kara gives some pointers with some of the places. Donna says it was mundane. Blessing uses the excuse that he isn’t a club song writer. Jewel says big band should have played into club, they’re “the same thing.” Kara says they abandoned the idea and the anthem. Jewel reminds them that she told them to be original lyrics and women empowerment but they did not do it. Johnny blame Karen for coming up with nothing but the hook and Karen did nothing.


The judges have made their decision. Amber and Johnny are safe, leaving Blessing and Karen in the bottom two. “Songwriting is hit or miss” and tonight Blessing misses, because he opted out of the session. (Bravo is usually better with their catch phrases but this one is not the best.)


Now that we have had a second episode, how do you feel about this show?


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