ABDC: Season 6 Episode 10 Finale!

The finale is upon us and it is time to learn who will be our winner. But first a performance from the top two crews, I.aM.Me and Iconic Boyz. (I defy anyone to say that the better technical dancers on the stage are the Iconic Boyz.)

Over 50 million votes came in last week (comparable to American Idol actually, that’s impressive) to decide the winner but before we find out the results, we will be seeing the five winning crews perform (So You Think You Can Dance, consider this–bring the winners back for an all star dance!)

Poreotics comes up first and put on a performance that sort of reminds me of I.aM.mE with all the shapes and pictures. Ha and they turned “Friday” into an ax murderer story. Very nice. JC loves their humor.

We Are Heroes, the only all-female group to ever win is up next. (Interestingly, getting the recaps of their season reminds us that crazy props was common then and completely absent this season.) There are some impressively fast moments with this crew. Lil Mama loves their passion and heart.

Season Three winners Quest Crew (which D-Trix is part of) is up next. Will the resident judges be performing with them? It doesn’t look like it. Even so the performance is fun and exciting. D-Trix tells his crew that they’re his favorite crew, “not that he’s biased or anything.” He gets all teary about how much he loves them and their brotherhood.

Super Crew of season two are some of the best b-boys in the world. As expected, the crew has a number of pretty exciting stunts. Lil Mama (who is in a weird superhero outfit this week) says they HIT and are inspiring.

Lastly, we have the first winners of the show, the Jabbawockeez, who now have a show in Vegas (pretty awesome for a bunch of dancers really). Was this crew always so huge? I absolutely hate the camera angles during this performance, it makes it really hard to watch, but the crew itself is pretty much as awesome as always though perhaps not as stunt heavy as we have seen them at times. The fast part at the end is particularly impressive. And who is the mini-jabbawockee? So cute. JC finds them captivating. The mini is a little girl.

Iconic Boyz have one last hurrah before the winner is announced. It is a fun performance that, for the first time, gives each member a bit of a solo piece.

I.aM.mE are next and from the very start we get their big pictures and fun tricks.

The judges have some final thoughts:
D-Trix is so proud of the crews. The Boyz have probably grown the most.
Lil Mama feels that the youf (not youth, youf) has made a statement this season.
JC thinks both crews were excellent. The Boyz were a great surprise. I.aM.mE is intelligent and impassioned.

There can only be one winner and the crew that reigns supreme is…I.aM.mE! (I can’t tell if the audience is only cheering for I.aM.mE or if their name is just easier to hear over the Boyz, but I.aM.mE has continuous, obvious chanting throughout all of Mario Lopez’s speech.)

Randy Jackson graces us with his presence to present the winners with their trophy (how helpful is it to give six people a single trophy?) and announce that they will take home $100,000. (The poor Boyz aren’t old enough to know how you have to smile for the winner despite being sad about losing.)

I think you know how I feel about the winners. What do you think? Did the right crew win?


One Response to “ABDC: Season 6 Episode 10 Finale!”

  1. Greg Says:

    Just FYI: JabbaWockee Kevin Brewer is uncle to the BabyWockee, whose name I believe is Ariah (sp?).

    Here is a video of them performing together – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mTPHX47WLxU

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