So You Think You Can Dance: Calling All Dancers! (Season 8 Episode 3 Los Angelos Auditions)

The show has had some impressive dancers, but none so exciting as we get from this city. LA, not surprisingly, has some of the strongest talent (most performers gravitate between New York so this is anything but a surprise.) Our judges for this city are Mary, Nigel, and Tyce.

Jordan Casanova puts on a “naughty girl” persona for her audition which naturally catches the guys’ attention. While I don’t think this audition showed a ton, it is clear that she is capable. For once Nigel doesn’t come off as the sketchy old man which makes it less creepy when she gets a ticket through to Vegas. She did get our attention.

Derion “DC” Chapman is celebrating the coming of a baby. His audition is entertaining before he has even started dancing as he teaches Nigel to do the “Cat Daddy” which he picks up fairly quickly. Another funny audition though I am not sure it shows his ability to do any other actual dances. (Just a note, when I ask if a dancer can “actually dance” I mean for this show, with a variety of styles, not that the style they performed in is not dance.) We also get a quick shot to Twitch and a brunette Alison Holker (rumor says they’re dating!) and Comfort in the background. Vegas.

Arielle Coker is a familiar face. This is her third season trying out and each year she makes it a bit further. She’s got a great attitude about the process. The judges recognize her growth immediately and we notice that we cannot take our eyes off of her. Easily one of the best performances yet (great music to boot). I don’t even mind the wasted time when she just walks forward. (Standing ovations from the SYTYCD alums.) Mesmerizing us straight to Vegas.

Cue montage of excellence which always seems unfair for these dancers. I suppose mostly they are dancers who will likely not make the Top 20.

Dancers come form all over the world to tryout for this show (Chandler, Arizona!) but one our longest distance travelers is Hero McCrae whose style has evolved since her time in the US. Her English is pretty impressive considering her lack of lessons. She’s perhaps one of the best (maybe only) female popper/locker/iso dancers. Unless she proves terrible at the other styles, she has a very high chance of making the Top 20. Beware Comfort, you may have some competition in the hip hop field. (Even more of the alums were up on their feet for this one–does anyone else love how involved they remain in the show?) Nigel takes a moment to ask her about her family (this is the day after the events in Japan this year) and they are fine.

After choreography, another eight dancers go through to Vegas. The judges are thinking it is the best day the show has ever had.

Santa Clause aka Joe “Big C” Doyle
comes to Krump and let’s just say it’s a good thing Christmas/Buckness isn’t coming for a while. This was an ominous sign for the coming performances, many of which failed to impress.

But not to worry, Alexis Mason is here. She is the sister of season 5 winner Jeanine (my favorite winner I think). They’re so cute together that it makes you want her to be good. Jeanine tells her she will be great and if she fails she will not be coming home. Alexis says Jeanine is her inspiration which elicits a bit of an “awwww.” She’s a bit longer than her sister. I don’t remember Jeanine’s audition to compare but I would imagine her sister’s experience probably helped her craft this solid performance. (The two even share a cute moment mid-performance and Jeanine is practically crying.) Nigel warns her not to make a funny face mid-dance which Jeanine agrees with. Vegas of course!

Patti Anne Miller is dressed about as tomboyish as you can get (she’s a style consultant) and I hope she realizes she will have to wear heals and dresses for this show. Otherwise, Hero has just gotten some competition in Vegas. I imagine only one will make it through to the Top 20. The judges like her uniqueness. Vegas it is, since Nigel needs a style consultant anyway.

More good audition montage.

Sisters Natalia and Sasha Mallory combine modern and African dance. The sisters are cute together and you know that eventually it will come down to the two of them fighting for the last spot in the Top 20 (if they are good enough to get that far). I’m not sure which one is which. I think Sasha is more technically skilled (I think she is also five years older) but the pair are fun to watch. Nigel likes Natalia’s heart. The duo are sent to choreography along with 28 others.

Katie and Jakob (probably there to support the Masons) are the instructors this time around. Sasha gets a ticket first. Natalia is so close that she gets a ticket too. Plus nine others.

I love that the show has given us enough of the auditions but don’t go on for weeks and weeks. Next week is Vegas and I can’t wait.


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