ABDC: Season 6 Episode 9

The final battle starts now. I.aM.mE and Iconic Boyz face off one last time in an attempt to secure America’s votes to become America’s Best Dance Crew.

The judges select a challenging performance for each of the crews to recreate.

For I.aM.mE, the judges choose to have them recreate Rihanna’s “S&M”. I don’t really remember the specific details of the original performance to compare, but this one is just as excellent.
Judges’ Say:
JC: Wonderful job of elevating the routine and expanding the concept.
Lil Mama: You made it relatable to everyone. Creative.
D-Trix: I could watch you guys over and over again.

Funny to hear Phillip Chbeeb say this is one of the most emotional things he has been through, considering that he did SYTYCD too. The crew likes to videotape themselves to help build their performances.

Iconic Boyz are asked to redo Justin Bieber’s “Baby”. (It seems unfair that the judges chose their weaker performance while they chose the other crews’ strongest performance but maybe it will give them more to work with.) They definitely improved on a few moments but of the two performances, I.aM.mE definitely felt stronger.
Judges’ Say:
Lil Mama: Likes their attitude. Likes how they added stunts and new elements.
D-Trix: They have made their own names now. They made the choreography more advanced.
JC: You are balancing your schoolwork with your dancing (as does Chachi but no one else). You changed the routine not just added to it.

The Boyz joke around a lot and are getting on each others’ nerves a bit.

The Boyz start off the battle which is a little funny because they are so tiny compared to the I.aM.mE. They have no good answer to Phillip’s craziness but neither side is crazy impressive otherwise. I must digress though, to point out Lil Mama’s dinosaur pajamas. She and Lady Gaga should discuss.

Final thought: Iconic Boyz are talented but they never brain bang the way I.aM.mE does.

Who are you rooting for?


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