I’ve found myself surprisingly impressed with ABC Family shows so when I saw that this entire show was up on Hulu, I naturally decided to try it. I also have a bit of a dislike for horse shows (thanks to a few particularly bad incidences, such as Misty of Chincoteague) so I was a little doubtful. This show did a good job of removing my dislike.

Wildfire follows a girl who was in a correctional facility and is given a second chance when a horse racing family takes her in as a stable hand. Eventually, she becomes part of the family and becomes a jockey.

There are some things about this show that I particularly like:

  • The time the show spent on Kris’s family in particular was very strong. we come to understand how she might have ended up in the juvenile detention center and why she might make bad decisions in her life.
  • Her issues when it came to trust in herself and others was particularly clear and understandable. After making so many bad decisions for herself and being hurt by so many people, it is only natural that she would be hesitant to trust even when people seem to have only ever helped her.
  • There was an interesting competitive/friendly dynamic happening between the Davis and Ritter farms. On the one hand the Davis family would stop at no cost to become the dominant stable. On the other, the Davis children could not help but become entangled with the Ritter family. This push and pull between family and friend/love loyalty added stakes to every aspect of the show because to win in on area meant losing in another.

There were some things I did not like:

  • Kris’s relationship with Junior felt forced in the beginning and rushed in the end. It seemed strange that she would fall for him, that he would change personalities so quickly, and that their wedding would happen so fast. It almost makes me wonder if they were likely to succeed long-term.
  • There was so much more potential in Kris’s backstory than what we got. We could have used more about Kris’s family–seeing her mother a second time, maybe learning about her father. I would have liked to see her go home at some point (not permanently, just to confront her past head on).

Ultimately, I enjoyed this show. It isn’t ABC Family’s best, but it is a step in the direction that the network has taken recently to become more current and popular.


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