The Dance Scene

As someone who loves dance shows, I was excited to see this one, which takes on a very different look than the competitive shows we generally see now. Instead, we watch Laurieann Gibson and her team run Boom Kack Studios, which choreographs dancing events (anything from concerts to fashion shows). Also on the cast is Kherington Payne of So You Think You Can Dance.

The most bizarre thing about this show is that Laurieann seems to think Kherington has zero emotion when it comes to dancing and shouts and screams at her to prove it. She did get through a good deal of SYTYCD, she must have some emotion in her dancing (maybe she saves it for the actual performances?). Whether screaming and yelling until Kherington cries is the best way to teach her is up for debate. Laurieann sure seems to thinks so. (In fact, the best praise she ever gave her was that she took good care of her dog.)

I know Laurieann is all about tough love and it is clear she has results: she has choreographed for the likes of Lady Gaga and we have seen her work with P.Diddy time and again on Making the Band. The movie Honey was based on her life (even if it wasn’t a good movie, that’s still exciting). She obviously has contacts in the industry. But I can’t help but wonder if it is a good idea for Kherington to stay with her, since Laurieann only seems to be tearing her down rather than building her up. A little encouragement goes a long way Laurieann. From what I can tell, Kherington has had a number of parts–Glee, No Strings Attached, Fame, Dancing with the Stars, Katy Perry, etc. Which isn’t to say her life is made, since a dancer basically lives from job to job, but it does seem like Laurieann has more problems with her than most others. Perhaps Laurieann saw weak prey and thought she could prove her badassness. I agree that Kherington has more to learn, but I think there may be a better way to go about teaching it.

That being said, the show is fun but not particularly great. We don’t get to know any of the people very well and everyone gets relegated to one personality trait or story line (Sarah is unlucky in love, Kherington can’t dance-ish, Laurieann is in love with her business partner, and Richy is selfish). It would be nice to see more of who they are and the process they go through to create a successful show.


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