The Voice: Episode 6

The final Battle Round is upon us and I for one am ready to move on. The last pairings and eliminations will be happening tonight, determining who the last member of each of the judges’ four man team will be.

Team Adam:
Paired Jeff Jenkins and Casey Desmond who have almost nothing in common. Casey is an experienced rocker. The song choice is “Don’t Let the Sun Goes Down On Me” which seems geared for Jeff. Jeff got all four judges to turn around for him while only Adam was interested in Casey. Once they start rehearsing she sounds better than I expected so maybe this pairing will make more sense than I initially thought. Jeff, when you’re like 16 it hardly counts as “waiting your whole life.”
The Battle Begins:
Jeff earns a wow from Blake early on. I’m wondering if Christina will regret not choosing Casey (her audition song choice was a poor one). This basically seems like Jeff is the soloist and Casey is the harmony. Jeff has the obviously good voice whereas Casey’s is more for a specific type of person to like.

  • Reba said she couldn’t take her eyes off Jeff while Blake couldn’t take his eyes off Casey
  • Christina loves Casey’s look and Jeff is not to be taken lightly.
  • Jeff blew Cee Lo away.
  • Adam says Casey has a tremendous voice.

The winner of the battle is…agonize agonize delay delay…Jeff because there is something mind-blowing about him.

Team Blake:
The final pairing is Xenia and Sarah Oromchi, singing “I’ll Stand By You.” They’re both bashful so he wants to see their personality come out. Xenia worries because Sarah can reach higher notes.
It Is Time:
Did not recognize Xenia with the straighter hair, It’s like a different person! Sarah’s singer is actually weaker than it was in practice. Nerves.

  • Christina likes Xenia’s tone. Sarah was pitchy.
  • Cee Lo was impressed.
  • Adam found it pitchy and didn’t think the song suited them.

Blake chooses Xenia for his team.

Team Christina:
Cherie Oakley and Lilly Elise are singing “Since U Been Gone” because it is neither of their genres. Tough notes in this song. Cherie is basically getting psyched out through practice. Christina is looking for passion and emotion not perfection.
Well it is no Nicci-Vicci battle but this is definitely one of the better battles. I don’t like how they sing the general melody but they do well in the chorus and Lilly in particular hits a high note.

  • Adam found the energy fantastic.
  • Reba can’t believe she’s finally meeting Cherie who wrote her a number one song.
  • Cee Lo liked their collective energy.
  • Sia thought Lilly’s high note was spectacular.
  • Christina says Cherie made it her own and was impressed with Lilly’s look.

It is the moment of truth now and she chooses…Lilly. (Thus far that is three for three in terms of the first person to sing the song being chosen.)

Team Cee Lo:
For the final pairing of the night (and the battle rounds as a whole), Cee Lo has Emily Valentine and Curtis Grimes singing “Need You Now.” Curtis and Emily are close so they aren’t thrilled with this pairing. Emily gets lost in his cuteness.
Last but not least:
Not sure what the deal is with Emily’s outfit, it’s like a bad wedding dress. Both are pretty good. I’m not sure who I am rooting for. Maybe Curtis but only barely.

  • Blake sayd they probably weren’t supposed to do it.”
  • Adam is jealous of Curtis’s manly voice.
  • Christina was impressed with Emily’s notes.
  • Monica has no idea.
  • Cee Lo thinks this was out of Emily’s comfort zone and was easy for Curtis.

This time around Cee Lo chooses to go with Curtis.

What do you think of the teams? Who will win? Are you glad to be done with the battle rounds?


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