ABDC: Season 6 Episode 8

We’re down to the final three this week (Theme: Kanye West) and only one group will be safe. This means that two will have to battle it out for a spot in the finals. Who will it be?

But first a group number, I wonder who choreographs these. I also think it is interesting to see how much better the crews choreograph routines then whoever did this bigger number (whereas on So You Think You Can Dance, the weakest performances almost always come from the solos). Not that it is bad, it is just not quite as impressive as the things we have seen on the show.

The first and only crew that is safe this week is…Iconic Boyz. Really? They have improved a lot, but better than I.aM.mE? Ok, if you say so Mario. Instead of the single challenge, last season’s winners, Poreotix demonstrates three different styles which they must incorporate in some way–the Dougie, Boogaloos, and Isos. The Boyz are not used to these styles and have a tough time in practice but by performance time they seem all right. They do the challenge in fairly typical fashion (which is to say, straight out with no frills) with the exception of the Dougie. After a few particularly strong weeks, I think this is one of their weaker performances.
Judges’ Say:
D-Trix: Had some good moments but a little sketchy with the movement at times.
Lil Mama: Wants to establish that they’re not just cute (stop yelling Mama!)
JC: Entertaining but not your best. Don’t lose cleanliness.

Phunk Phenomenon must fight for a place in next week’s finale. Like the Boyz, they struggle with the isos but are familiar with the music. Solid opening, frame stunts well. (Deserve the finale more than the Boyz.)
Judges’ Say:
Lil Mama: Amazing. You are the underdogs.
JC: Fantastic performance. You threw some nitro into your tank.
D-Trix: This routine had zero downtime.

I.aM.mE is last to fight for the finale. They have a harder time with the Dougie than anything else. They are as exciting and interesting and surprising as ever. The crowd is screaming for them.
Judges’ Say:
JC: I could not ask for more. Outstanding creativity. Nothing you do is expected.
D-Trix: ……..temporarily struck dumb. Every move was yours. You’re supposed to be all out of tricks. Brain banging.
Lil Mama: Shout shout shout I agree shout shout.

The judges have decided and not surprisingly, I.aM.mE is moving on while Phunk Phenomenon is headed home. Now we get one more performance from the finalists to help America make their final decisions. There are no challenges here, they get to choose their own music and moves, with a big theme.

Iconic Boyz aim for “The Boyz in Hollywood” theme which is cute if not unexpected. it opens with them walking the red carpet which is maybe a waste of a few seconds but not entirely detrimental considering how much time they have. They do a good job but again their moves are somewhat repetitive with few shapes/pictures/formations, etc.

I. aM.mE has gone a different route, creating their own superhero routine using the elements–fire, water, earth, wind, electricity, and machine. Wait, machine is not an element. Neither is electricity but at least that is not manufactured. They also create their own music (at least in part) for the routine. The interesting thing here is they showcase each member’s unique dance style, creating their usual unique shapes but still doing something new. The judges actually give them a standing ovation (allowing us to see the ridiculousness that is Lil Mama’s outfit) with JC clapping about as enthusiastically as he can manage. And he’s usually the serious judge.

I would be surprised if I.aM.mE did not win. What do you think? Are you happy with the finalists?


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