The Voice: Episode 5

We’re on Round Three this week, let’s see what the coaches have come up with:

Team Christina:
For this battle, Raquel Castro and Julia Eason will be singing together.The song is Rihanna’s “Only Girl in the World”. This seems like a fairly even pairing. Sia tells her to relax her vocal chords to improve her tone. (I’m glad she actually understands that, cause I’m not sure I do.) Raquel is a bit more of a powerhouse. Both girls have some pitch problems so here’s hoping they have improved.
Battle On for Round 3:
The opening is sort of quiet and a bit shaky (Raquel tries to show off some of her dance moves). I don’t think either of these girls will be winning the competition. I think Raquel has the advantage here.

  • Cee Lo thinks it was wonderful but he thinks Raquel (Lil Mama) won.
  • Blake finds Raquel better all around but Julia better when she opens up.
  • Adam thinks they are dead even vocally but Raquel has “this thing”.
  • Christina enjoyed working with them both with Julia cleaner and Raquel more energetic.

Christina picks Raquel to stick around.

Team Blake:
Dia Frampton vs Serabee are put together much to Blake’s amusement. He has them singing “You Can’t Hurry Love” and he’s excited because they have such different styles. They advise Dia to hang on to her stage fright. Blake tells Serabee not to oversing it.
Round 2 Fight!:
Dia doesn’t sound great on this song, it just doesn’t suit her voice. I like Serabee better vocally but she needs to move out of the church choir thing (I don’t think this was the right pairing or song choice). Weird choice Blake.

  • Adam found Serabee’s carefree vibe carried the performance.
  • Cee Lo just thought it was bizarre. Dia’s voice is wonderful to him.
  • Christina found them too odd to decide.
  • Reba liked how consistent Dia was.
  • Blake thinks the odd pairing was to help bring them out of their comfort zone.

He chooses Dia. (Meh.)

Team Adam:
Rebecca Loebe and Devon barley are paired off to sing “Creep” because the song is dark and ominous where they are not at all. Rebecca has the advantage because she knows the song. Devon is so obviously uncomfortable so Adam recommends he try to connect to it.
Battle Time:
Devon seems to have gotten over his nerves and despite how different their auditions were, they sound great together. Adam, best pairing so far. I don’t love Rebecca’s voice, but I like how they sound together.

  • Blake doesn’t want this pair separated ever.
  • Christina originally turned for Rebecca but she thinks Devon stole the show.
  • Cee Lo loves their cohesive quality but he liked Devon more.
  • Adam is split. He had a plan and their performance ruined it.

He goes with the performance itself and picks Devon.

Team Cee Lo:
Tori and Taylor Thompson vs Kelsey Rey are partnered up for “Unwirtten.” This is a tough but awesome song. Originally thought the duos would have an advantage over the soloists, I think the case is the opposite because if they have twice the chance to mess up. If only one screws up that could knock them out. Kelsey just has to make sure to exude charisma.
Final Round:
Kelsey’s voice is the most similar to Natasha Bedingfield’s voice and she’s a little older so she’s got a bit of a stronger stage presence.

  • Adam loves the cuteness. Fun to watch but he can’t pick.
  • Blake is impressed by the sister’s improvement but thinks Kelsey is better.
  • Christina feels the opposite.
  • Monica thinks the sisters have something special but Kelsey is so self-assured.
  • Cee Lo loves the sisters’ charm and innocence.
  • But tonight, Cee Lo will have to go with…The Thompson Sisters. Really?

    Do you agree with all the coaches’ picks? How do you feel about the show after three weeks of battling? Are you ready to move on? Do you think it is a mistake to expand this show to two hours?


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