Make It Or Break It: What Lies Beneath/Worlds Apart

The worlds team takes some publicity photos. The Rock girls diss KP who insists that she is not part of team but only looking out for herself. Kaylie’s all “but we’re a team not competition!” KP’s all “whatev” but then Kaylie is called to stand in front instead of KP and her mother (the manamonster) goes berserk. Summer points out how shameful KP’s mom’s exploitation of her daughter is. Lauren shows off about her chance at winning gold on beam.

Payson sounds awkward trying to speak spanish for some commercial. It’s pretty awful. Somebody should help her with the pronunciation. Meanwhile KP and mom hash it out about losing a sponsor. They have to prove that Kaylie really has an eating disorder because they don’t listen to rumors. When her mom’s not looking, KP hides Kaylie’s notebook lower in her bag. You go KP, but will it last? When it is Kelly’s turn, she has no problem with her lines.

The NGO has finally gotten the real tape and we learn that Kim doesn’t want to rehash it. Plus, the Keelers can’t afford to go to Worlds. šŸ˜¦ Which leads me to wonder what ever happened to Ellen Beals.

Lauren works on beam and she actually has a pretty nice tumbling pass. Sasha tells Lauren to stop flirting and look fierce instead. Payson thinks this is like giving her a lobotomy. This might be some of the hardest stuff we’ve ever seen on the show. So maybe she could win beam, minus her fall on the dismount. Sasha tells her to have a short memory–forget about her mistakes. He tells her to trust him and she says she does. (But though Sasha trusts her, perhaps he shouldn’t…) It is nice to see him actually working with her for once.

Kaylie’s commercial goes without problems because she speaks Spanish easily. When asked in her interview who should be team captain, Kaylie says Kelly because she has the most successful career (perhaps the problem is picking a team captain based on success and not on leadership ability).

Kaylie and her father talk with sponsors about a health bar called Grrrl. Because she would never starve herself and she cares about her health. They’ll have to get back to them. When the execs leave, she and her father discuss the secret of her anorexia. She hates lying, even if she is entitled to her privacy. He doesn’t want her to be treated unfairly. Anyway, she can say no if she wants. It is a great deal but it isn’t like she needs the money.

KP and her mom talk about Kaylie’s issues–there’s Ellen Beals! She’s thrilled to find another potential Rock scandal. She’s under investigation for ethics violations, but she does plan to go to the Cruz send off party.

Kaylie and Austin discuss the deal. He tells her to be true to herself. That’s what her recovery is all about. I guess she’s past Damon now. Payson and Max join them at Spruce Juice. Payson is upset that her parents can’t come to Worlds. If only her parents would have let her take sponsors before. Kaylie thinks Payson should be the athlete for Grrrl, she has a great story. Now to convince everyone involved.

Max continues taking pictures of Pay for a secret project they are working on. Lauren is jealous but tries to pretend otherwise. So she tries to tell Payson to buzz off but Payson isn’t taking it today.

Kaylie works on her vaults since that is her only thing at Worlds. KP asks if Kaylie meant it when she said she should be captain because the Rock girls would never let it happen. She does have experience and if she wasn’t such a jerk she wouldn’t have to handle the sport alone. She invites her to the sendoff party. Awww. Her friends will be nice to her if she’s nice to them.

Kaylie and Max make their pitch of Payson and Payson watches from the wings. They’ve never had a potential client pitch someone else instead but this seems to have gotten their attention. They’re offering her $25,000 now and $250,000 if she medals. Payson’s excited but her parents are opposed. She says if they don’t have enough money, she can’t keep pursuing a dream that continues to put them in debt. Emily had a scholarship, why can’t Payson? Her parents wonder if maybe they’re wrong to keep her from taking money–she is a professional athlete after all.

Sasha still blames himself for Payson being attracted to him. Summer and Sasha hash it out about the end of their relationship–different values and all. He says that women’s biggest mistake is thinking their love can change a man. She’s where God wants her to be. Or where she feels safe. Let’s just kiss a little. No?

KP’s mom tells her to think of Kaylie as the competition. Her mother even says KP’s parents’ divorce is the fault of KP’s gymnastics. She guilts her into giving up the journal. KP pretends to be happy about this but she’s clearly not thrilled. She tells her to bring the journal to the party to give to Ellen Beals. Momma did not do good.

They’re shocked to see KP at the party but Kaylie insists they play nice. She sends KP off with Lauren for a tour of the house, as though that is ever a good idea. She ditches her almost immediately when she spots Max arrive and pulls him upstairs (in order to have sex because clearly that worked so well the last time around, especially at a party where everyone’s parents are around). He’s not ready though and tells her so. Lauren thinks it is about Payson who she says will never be able to “give him what he needs.”

Summer and Steve discuss wedding plans. Maybe a marriage in Rio? It’s perfect! She agrees though when he leans in to kiss her she pulls away.

Kim and Mark discuss Payson’s sponsorship chance. He doesn’t want to mortgage her dreams. Alex doesn’t understand this thinking because the gamble was letting her turn elite. Don’t they know she can go all the way? if not, what was the sacrifice for?

Austin confesses his desire to kiss Kaylie while dancing with her. Austin, why would you say that! Kaylie thinks KP is like a cornered animal. But they have bigger worries anyway because Ellen Beals has arrived. Lauren worries that Beals will reveal what she did. She is not out though, which means she could be up to any number of things.

Sasha mopes around the party and doesn’t seem to care that Beals has arrived. He’s more interested in finding a drink/walking away from Summer.

Decision time…Payson lets Max know they said yes. Her parents are coming to Worlds and they can pay off their debt. She tells him “I-love-you-and-I-always-thought-she-couldn’t-have-a-boyfriend-because-it-would-mess-with-her-gymnastics-but-clearly-you’ve-only-made-things-better-so-kiss-me-now-oh-wait-you-have-a-boyfriend-this-is-awkward-run-away.

Ellen Beals lets Lauren know she is displeased (people think she edited the tape of Sasha herself to be named coach but all she wants to do is ensure that the US wins the Olympics. And for that, they need Lauren at the moment so she won’t be outing her right now. She will find some way to pay her back though.

KP has an internal debate–do I hand over the journal or not? She clearly feels horrible but also feels like she has not choice. She crosses the room toward Beals…actually no, she’s headed to Kaylie. She wants to talk privately. Kaylie hopes they are friends. KP thinks they are so she returns the journal. Kaylie does not take it well. So much for that trust. (Does anyone else feel totally bad for KP here when Kaylie says she’s a horrible human being and everyone knows it?)

Steve makes a speech. Marriage! Well, this is good news for Lauren anyway. Lauren also announces that Summer will adopt her after. Ellen seems the happiest of all about this news.

Austin finds Max drinking alone. He couldn’t say yes to the two girls that threw themselves at him. Instead, he kisses Austin. Oh. I did not see that coming. He says he’s not gay. Ah, bi. That is new for ABC Family (and TV in general). Austin doesn’t really believe him or understand. He wishes he was just gay because it would be easier. He’s worried about hurting Payson in particular. Austin suggests he tell her if he truly cares. (I’m totally with this idea but find the way they introduced it weird. If he’s in love with Payson, why is he kissing Austin? Being bi doesn’t mean you just kiss everyone.)

Ellen Beals stirs things up with Summer. She suggests Summer ask Steve who did it. She asks about the training video and she insists (specifically tears up) to know the truth. Lauren admits the truth because she wanted Summer to be her mom. Summer doesn’t want anything to do with either of them. (I sort of feel bad for Lauren here even though she totally deserves this.) Lauren is balling when in comes Max. She just wants to leave and he takes her away–she drives because he is drunk after all. Why so sad Lauren? Lauren is sure Summer will forgive her, she loves her, right? She already thinks of Summer as her mother. She runs a stoplight and they get into an accident. Summer runs to the hospital (well that’s a good sign for the relationship). They ask if Summer is her mother…

Lauren is just a little bruised. Max was not as lucky as Lauren with a concussion and broken collarbone. She hasn’t even called her dad yet. Sasha comes in to yell at her about being reckless right before they leave to Worlds. He tells her one more strike and she is out. (Way to check that she’s ok.) Summer tells Lauren that she will have to tell him before Worlds is over, sooner than later. “Why are you doing this to me?”

Pay and Kay insist on seeing her before going home. Austin arrives too. Max is sedated but asking for someone–Lauren probably so she runs in. Even KP comes in to see that Lauren is ok and tries to explain to Kaylie that she wants to be her friend.

Lauren goes in to see Max and he says he’ll never hurt her. but he thinks she’s Payson!

Payson isn’t packed for their flight. They leave in three hours. She is not doing well at the moment. Becca is disappointed that she can’t come (since we can’t see her). Kim is still worried about not having more money left over.

NGO head comes to check in on Kaylie, the team captain. A lot of people want to interview her. He doesn’t want to mention her disorder because she will perceived as weak and the whole team’s scores will go down because she is captain (not exactly how it works but sure).

We have arrived in Brazil and we see the competition walking in. The three way race is between China, Russia, and the US. Sasha tells them they will win and they should not talk to anyone. KP doesn’t listen so naturally she grabs the mic and Lauren jumps in. Then they ask Kaylie about her ACL and she’s hesitates a moment. NGO head tells her she can’t talk to the press for fear of her revealing the truth.

Kim and Marc enjoy the expensive hotel. They are not on a vacation. They are here to support Payson. Kim is worried. Stanford University comes to talk to the Keelers about a scholarship but it is too late. She says even if Payson isn’t up for the Olympics they’d have waned her. Whoops. (I don’t know how they could ever have thought Payson wouldn’t have gotten a scholarship. What planet are they living on? She’s on the world team!)

Austin seems to be back in his partying ways and Kaylie is less than pleased. He chases after her but she is not happy. He is doing this for his image to sell things. He says he’s not the only faker anyway. Hmm, got her thinking…

Nadia Commenicci joins in as a commentator but she does little to write about. Time to start with the qualifying rounds–44 teams over two days. The top 8 move on to finals.

Sasha encourages Lauren before she does beam. She doesn’t need sass, just flawlessness. She has a wobble on a fairly simple skill and lands off the mat on her dismount. Lauren gets snappy with Sasha.

Russia’s Ivanka is pretty much flawless on bars, as expected.

KP tries to be nice to Kaylie and give her a good luck wish but Kaylie is not having it. Well, it is vault time. (PS after an ACL injury, she would not be doing vault.) She messes up her first vault and it is KP who tries to cheer for her. But her second vault is not any better and she leaves out a twist. The US drops into fourth place.

Payson is still out of sorts as well. We rehash her injuries and hope for a full comeback (tell me they don’t not even qualify). Even Marc can tell something is wrong. She falls on her tumbling pass and the parents blame themselves. See boys do ruin everything! The US falls into sixth.

It all rests on KP (plus a need for a fall form the people above them). Sasha tells Kaylie to support KP because she is captain (specifically, he tells her to stop being a prom queen. awesome). Payson agrees. The encouragement from the team does a lot for her self esteem and we get the performance they needed, which only means they still have a chance. Sure enough, it moves them to fourth.

The team goes upstairs for a scolding from Sasha. Nothing until the girls can figure out what went wrong and they have to tell each other. (PS why is he blaming Kelly, she did nothing wrong.) They are not leaving until they make friends. The girls fight and things don’t look good. Payson steps up and apologizes first but it isn’t the nicest apology. “Sorry for being an airhead like the rest of you.” KP is the one who stops the fighting by saying she used to be jealous of how they always cheered for each other and even their fake cheers that day were nice. Now she doesn’t want that team anymore, seeing them tear each other down. (I think this is the best thing the show could ever have done–gotten rid of Emily and given KP a real backstory, which, by the way, is much more sympathetic than any of the other girls’. Who votes Kelly into a permanent place in the Rock!?) Payson cries about losing her scholarship eligibility. KP wishes her parents cared–she lost her eligibility at age nine. She also tells Lauren she wins and she can have Max but Lauren admits that he likes her. Payson encourages Lauren to listen to Sasha. Kaylie is the only one who doesn’t think she can do this, not lying about her story. She can’t come clean even though it would help so much. They say they will support her whatever she choose (Well, lauren thinks some secrets are best kept secret but yeah see how well that has turned out).

Kaylie calls a press conference, which the girls of the team join her to show support. She tells the truth and says her team is behind her and after going through this, she is a better gymnast. The NGO thinks the us has lost but Sasha is proud.

The girls share some lipstick which is meant to indicate that they are a team again. And it is clear to everyone that they are a different team now.

It is Lauren’s turn on beam so she admits to Sasha what she did. Everyone else has been honest so she should be too. She was afraid he would take Summer away from her. (She doesn’t tell Payson though and Payson deserves to know too.) Lauren asks for forgiveness but Sasha just walks away. She gets on beam in tears but Sasha comes back to say she should now show off “the whole package.” He gives her words of encouragement and says “short memory” this is their new start, he forgives her. He cares about her and he knows she is better than she shows herself to be. Yay! Summer looks pleased from up in the stands. That was all she needed to see. The queen of the beam is back. The US moves up to fourth.

Payson on vault lands and hurts her ankle on the landing. It isn’t broken but she needs a doctor. She insists on doing her second vault. On one leg. She can’t do floor so she has to do this. (Hopefully team vault counts medal payment.) Kaylie gives her some words of encouragement and I wonder more about the run than the landing. (Also, Keri Strug anyone?) Sure enough, Payson sticks the landing with the best vault of the meet, putting the US in second ahead of Russia.

Sasha puts KP on floor but KP suggests Kaylie do it instead. She says Kaylie is on fire while she isn’t. Sasha agrees. Interesting since she hasn’t practiced at all. (If we were being realistic, the US would not win this.) No matter, Kaylie does her routine just fine. Because in MIOBI world only Payson needs to work to get her skills back after time off. Even China is looking worried.

I love that they say “Team USA was poised for the comeback of the decade” as though they didn’t just kill it in the last few Olympics and Worlds.

The scores are being tabulated and…sure enough Team USA wins gold. With the comeback of a lifetime! (So does this mean Payson’s family now has another $250,000 and no longer have to worry about money?) Hugging all around as confetti flies (conveniently in USA colors as though they store some for each team).

Summer is proud of Lauren. Austin is proud of Kaylie and he admits to the cameras that he and Kaylie are dating. Max comes to tell Max he might be in love with her (she cuts him off before he can say anymore because she says she doesn’t care). The Rock trio stare at the board together (come on, bring KP over!) with Pay on a crutch. Hope that’s not a long term injury (though a sprain shouldn’t be if she takes a little time to let it heal).

Well, with the finale out of the way, what did you think? Should the US have won it or would it have been better if they lost to allow for another year of fighting back? Where can the show go from here?


2 Responses to “Make It Or Break It: What Lies Beneath/Worlds Apart”

  1. sarah Says:

    hey-been spending a lot less time in front of the computer, but have been keeping up with your site!!

    LOL-about the Keelers questioning whether or not Payson would get a scholarship…come on, really? The Kerri Strug plug was also amazing…

    You know I am also THRILLED they got rid of Emily, really in the best way possible, and I was loving the KP back story too. If the show comes back for a 3rd season, I hope Emily stays away….

    Now…IF the show comes back, they clearly wrote this episode with the idea there was a chance it might not be back, therefore them winning worlds works as a ‘series’ finale as well. Realistically after day 1, there is no way they would have won…I think a bronze would have sufficed and after day 1-they should have been thrilled to receive it.

    Not really sure where the show will go…I have a bad feeling this might have been it šŸ˜¦ I hope not thou…what do you think?

    • ax20 Says:

      I’m not sure this was the show’s end. MIOBI has had good ratings (the second half was even higher than when it was given another ten episodes after the first half ran). At the same time they do have a number of new shows coming (and the ratings are where Huge’s were when it was canceled) so it is possible they want to clear space on the schedule. We may not know for a while though.

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